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Founded in 1987, Westham Trade Co, is a leading distributor of IT products, with customers all over the world. The company's business model enables technology solution providers and resellers to source and integrate all their needs with one vendor.
We delivery products at your door anywhere in the world or at our central warehouse located in Miami, USA.
Our strong partnetship with Hewlett-Packard, allows us to offer not only the traditional product lines, but also access the complete Alpha product line, from the small DS20 to the large Servers and Storage. We have access to more that us$ 25,000,000 of inventory, with fast delivery.
Enterprise Business Solutions
  • Servers
  • Storage
  • Blades
  • Services
  • Software
  • Printing & Multifunction
  • Notebooks & Tablet PCs
  • Desktops & Workstations
  • Ink, Toner & Paper
  • Networking
  • Handhelds & Calculators
  • Scanners & Fax
  • Digital Photography
  • Monitors
  • Accessories & Parts

For further information and ordering please contact us at +1(305)717-5400
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The importance of using an authorized source
If HP quality and reliability are important to you, you should consider us a the HP-authorized source for your pre-owned equipment. Non- authorized sources may cut corners when it comes to components and legality of software licenses. Because we are an authorized HP source for pre-owned equipment, our equipment:
  • Includes all HP components
  • Uses legally licensed software
  • Meets HP's quality standards
HP Alpha System systems, products and components purchased through us carry a 90 days warranty. The equipment must be installed and serviced by a Hewlett-Packard authorized provider.
Our Alpha System upgrades, add-ons and options availability
We source our products from HP, the most extensive inventory of Alpha System products. with one one of the most thorough processes in the business for auditing and refurbishing used equipment. We adhere to strict quality standards and make sure the equipment you receive measures up to your expectations in every way. The use of a three-step quality control process ensures all equipment is checked, double checked and triple checked for accuracy, working order, and proper configuration before it leaves our technology center. As a result, you have the assurance that the equipment you get from us is ready for production the day it arrives.
HP has ceased accepting orders for new Alpha Systems...
As of April 27, 2007 no more Alpha Systems will be delivered and customers can still order upgrades, add-ons and options until April 25, 2008. HP will continue to offer factory-refurbished systems and options through the HP Renew Program in EMEA, AP, and Japan; and Technology Value Solutions (TVS) in the Americas. HP will offer service (maintenance, repair, and advisory) for all currently selling Alpha Systems for a minimum of five years after last system shipment, or at least through 2012. Typically, HP offers services much longer than the five year minimum commitment. HP still offers service on all Alpha Systems shipped since their original introduction in 1992.
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