Solutions Distributor

Full Portfolio Access

Gain access to Hewlett-Packard Enterprise and Hewlett-Packard Inc. full portfolio, ranging from servers, storage, networking, services to name a few. When you work with us, you are able to offer enterprise class products without the need of having certified solutions architects "in house".

HPE's Hardware Product Portfolio

Credit Services

Work with us to open credit terms, allowing you time to recieve and implement projects before you collect from your customer. We can also link you to the right financial institutions to do long term financing of projects in your region.

Presales Support

Rely on our group of presales engineers to design and configure any type of solution. Our engineers will be happy to acompany you to your customer to help close any opportunity. We have over 27 certifications among the entire team, so take advantage of our presales team.



Composable infrastructure

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3Par & Nimble

With all flash technology, 3PAR is your solutions for tomorrows storage needs.

Aruba Networks

The edge is powered by Aruba. From switches, access points to Meridian and Clearpass.

HPI Z Workstations

HP Inc workstations are the most powerful computing systems to run applications for video editing, simulation and intensive graphic applications.



Specializing in IoT soilutions

HPE Micro Datacenter

Micro Datacenter Solutions


SAP HANA Solutions

Managed WiFi

Managed Wifi including Meridian and Clearpass solutions.