HPE Transformation goes all the way

We just exited a training session for the new tool OCA (One Configuration Advanced).  It is amazing to see how HPE’s transformation movement is revamping traditional environments, customers, and tools.  They are truly honoring Meg Whitman’s statement that the future belongs to the fast.  Pancho and I were impressed when we saw how this tool will not only be a more intuitive presales tool, it will be a collaboration and automation cloud-based platform. Unlike the old fashioned Sales Builder, who’s navigation is not intuitive at all and did not allow for easy collaboration.

OCA will replace Watson and Salesbuilder for Windows to bring major improvements by allowing users to build configurations faster and easier.  For those who know what I am talking about, you will experience the wonderful feeling of being able to convert and excel sheet into an entire configuration!  Using transcoding and data transformation, along with all the amazing lines of code that are behind the import button (I love technology and how it makes our lives easier). It is a huge step for HPE to replace both Salesbuilder and Watson, we will definitely face some resistance to the change and transformation at first.  We will have to work around it because there is no turning away from the future.

Change takes time, and when we finish this transformation, we’ll create technical proposals faster than ever.  Did you know that you can get FAN Overrides and add notes embedded right into your configuration?

Soon, WESTHAM will be offering trainings for this tool.  In the meantime I will keep you posted this tool and the new developments HPE will bring us.

This tool will be released on July 1st, 2017 so get ready to start collaborating on a whole new level.


Link for a OCA DEMO


Link for the USER TRAINING material. (You will need your Partner Ready Portal credentials to access this material.)


Sales Builder or One Configuration Advanced?

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