Arista Awareness Partner Trainings – Continued Learning

Would you like to get up to date and know more about the positioning of these solutions? Sales Awareness

If you are an HPE Data Center Networking channel partner, please attend the following trainings.

HPEs Strategy partnership with Arista Networks – 52 Minutes

Arista Podcast’s Series

Arista Sales Training: Selling the Dream – 11 Minutes
Arista Sales Training: Corp. Overview – 18 Minutes
Arista Sales Training: Platform Overview – 17 Minutes
Arista Sales Training: EOS & Cloudvision – 18 Minutes
Arista Sales Training: First Customer Pitch – 13 Minutes

Arista’s Sales Plays

HPE Arista Sales Plays – Virtualization – 15 Minutes
HPE Arista Sales Plays – Arista and SAP – 18 Minutes
HPE Arista Sales Plays – IP Storage – 15 Minutes

Presales Awareness

HPE DCIG Networking Presents: DCN 4.0 – What You Need to Know – 75 Minutes
TekTalk: Arista Software Defined Data Center Primer – 90 Minutes
HPE DCN Presents: How to Program the Arista Switch: Tips & Tricks – 90 Minutes

Cursos Adicionales en Español

HPE y Arista: Red definida por software – 100 Minutos
HPE y Arista ToR/Top Of Rack – 117 Minutos


Latest Articles and News:

• Arista leader in Gartner 2017: For the third consecutive year, Arista is named leader Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for Data Center Networking.
• HPE and Arista Networks at Discover 2017: Get up to date with the HPE’s next-generation compute experience revealed at HPE Discover 2017 in Las Vegas.
• HPE Data Center Networking and Arista Portal: Learn about the portfolio and how to Transition to cloud-first networks in your data center and move at the speed of business apps – while eliminating downtime and application outages.
• HPE and Arista Networks extend their partnership Blog: Want to learn more about the Arista-HPE Partnership, find all you need to know here

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