Writing is a sound strategy for professionals who want to succeed

If you are a professional in any market, you need to be writing more. Not just any kind of writing, I am talking about well organized, informative content writing. I am talking about the type of writing that takes some time and preparation to create and it needs to be interesting and engaging. Are you asking yourself, why should I be writing when there are so many article out there I can forward and share? Well, you came to the right place. Let me tell you why.

The first thing writing offers you is exposure to other business professionals. How else are other professionals going to find you? By writing and publishing well written articles, you are exposing who you are, as a person, and showcasing your knowledge in the subject matter. I can’t stress the importance of this enough. Competition has never been fiercer and businesses are insignificant without their employees. Your potential customers are looking to work with people, not faceless entities. So this exposure helps you market your own personal brand. The fact that you are reading this article now, proves this point. How else would you and I have connected if I hadn’t written this article?

Writing is portable and also permanent. Everything you write and post (or publish) will remain out there for many years to come. So the more you write, the better the chances are to connect with other professionals. And it keeps building and building the more you write. Your thinking becomes visible and apparent to the reader, they have a better understanding of who you are. By the way, these “other” professionals I refer to could be potential employers, potential customers, business connections etc. So while you write, you should feel that it’s worth your while, since your finished product will be out there for ages to come (you will get good mileage out of it).

There are additional benefits to writing in addition to getting yourself – out there. Writing allows you to move easily among facts and opinions without getting confused, and without confusing your reader. You can foster the ability to explain a complex position to readers (and yourself), since you are able to plan out what you want to communicate while refining your ideas. This is very valuable to your reader who is very interested in understanding your message. It allows your readers to give you feedback, and you can give feedback back to them encouraging a two way communication. This leads to generating trust, which is the base of any healthy business relationship.

So to summarize, a well written article or blog demonstrates your intellectual flexibility and maturity. It demonstrates that you can anticipate your readers’ needs and it allows you to preserve your thoughts so you can reflect upon them later. There are many resources out there on business communication and writing guides. I encourage you to read some of these resources and practice writing. The key to spectacular writing is practice, and the more you write, the higher the probability of becoming well established as a trusted advisor. It establishes you as an authority on the subject.