Aruba Hospitality

With business or pleasure hotel guests, your business opportunities take no time off when you have Aruba

Welcome your guests through an internal and personalized web network where they can access secure Wi-Fi while you draw them in with announcements and special deals for your establishment.

Surprise them with more than they expect (or with the unexpected), which will also help you optimize business areas other than lodging.

This is an unparalleled experience and you can achieve it using an integrated network that allows you to:

Detect the presence of clients through their mobile devices.
Collect statistics, obtain data from visitors, encourage customer loyalty and analyze their behavior at the establishment.
Centralized monitoring and visibility of all networks from a sole control panel.

Contact us. We’ll tell you how you can keep your guests happy with a modern and versatile Wi-Fi network.

What is the Aruba networks proposal?
Aruba Beacons
Innovative technology focusing on small devices which create intramural interaction with mobile equipment.

Rooms of the future
with services like automatic room access, streaming TV, IP cameras, video calls, among others.

WiFi Calling
A robust infrastructure that facilitates the use of the modern technology your guests ask for most.

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