HPE Storage MSL2024 Features

The HP StorageWorks MSL2024 Tape Library is the ideal entry-level tape library that provides tape library capacity and extensive features in the compact form of a tape autoloader.



What's New

  • Integration of the HP StorageWorks LTO-4 Ultrium 1760 SCSI Tape Drive.
  • IPv6 network protocol support. Libraries can now be connected over both IPv6 and IPv4 networks. Libraries have obtained theIPv6 Ready, Phase-2 logo.
  • Configure library into multiple partitions for maximum flexibility.
  • LTO-4 Ultrium library-enabled encryption to protect your data from unauthorized access.
  • HTTPS support for authenticated and encrypted transfers over the Internet.



Key Features

  • 38.4 TB of compressed storage capacity (2:1) in a 2U form factor
  • HP unique web-based remote management functionality
  • Integrated barcode reader
  • Removable magazines with one user-configurable mail slot
  • Upgradeable from one to two LTO-4 Ultrium 1760, LTO-3 Ultrium 920 or LTO-2 448 tape
  • Multiple interface choices available (SCSI, SAS or FC)
  • Easy-to-enable AES 256-bit embedded hardware encryption with compression
  • Customer replaceable components
  • Extensive OS and software compatibility testing
  • Proven high reliability



A Guide for a Successful Proof of Concept

Preparing for a Successful POC

During the many years that I have been working with all the HPE solutions, it always amazes me how deeply into technology we go to find the best performance results for our clients’ applications, whether they seek a virtual environment or a Tier 1 application.

HPE is empowering your business by expanding its capability to achieve business outcomes by helping you plan your future tech innovation, economics shifts and disruptions. This means that HPE is putting in your hand the capability to see any HPE solution in action with your own applications and database data.

A proof-of-concept (POC) project is a common approach used by Hewlett Packard Enterprise to assess the viability of hardware and software products for solving a particular business need. The product (often referred to as a solution) can be bought from a vendor or built by an in-house development team, with both approaches having pros and cons.


To put this concept into action, let me take you into a recent POC experience. Not long ago, one of our territory managers  came with a request of a Simplivity solution. We thought it was a piece of cake; we just had to configure and propose a solution, but in our initial meetings, we realized the goals that the user was wanting to achieve was to have a better response on an SAP ERP process that took a long time to finish. They also wanted to know for sure the amount of time saved and the performance they were going to have with the HPE Simplivity solution.

The answer was to perform a POC, so HPE personnel came along with the strategy and opened the option to do the POC at a HPE Customer Experience Center in Alpharetta, Georgia.

A POC is not a tool that can be taken lightly. It needs to be planned and planned to achieve the results the user expects. Let me share with you 6 steps that will help you get the best results of this tool.

Steps to Make a Proof of Concept HW Evaluation.


  1. Full Engagement with Your Client

The main factor for a successful POC is defining the objectives that are to be achieved. This needs total involvement by the end-user in providing a copy of the applications and database. Let’s not forget the media in which this data will be transported. I recently had an experience with a HPE Simplivity demo; the end-user was smart and had double the data; even the redundant data that was not relevant. We were prepared for any circumstance, and believe me, there are cases with disasters by not having the data redundant. The media the client used was 4 x 4TB HDD. Very smart!

  1. Identifying the Key Players

It’s always a good practice to have meetings before the execution of the POC, at least two or three online meetings where we can have good insight from the client on what they expect, what data is needed and what other external features they are looking at. Now on my latest experience on an HPE Simplivity POC, at the meetings, we discovered that we needed an external individual who had tech knowledge on Tier 1 (SAP applications). The day of the initial on evaluation site was not so intimidating, for we already knew the key players. This helped for a smooth interaction with the attending team.

  1. Define Metered Success

Having a measurable success objective will shorten the Christmas list that may be presented during the POC; it always happens! For this reason, we need to ask the main questions during the initial meetings; question such as:

  • What are we trying to achieve with this POC?
  • What are the other solutions they are comparing our solutions to?
  • What is the business process they will see performance improvement on?
  • Who is going to do the test? Is it tech personnel or at the user level?
  • Are there multiple stakeholders or C-level people involved in the qualification process?

The list its long but the more you can define at the beginning, the fewer headaches and surprises you will encounter with the execution of the POC. Being open to discussing expectations up front is a key to success for any POC.

  1. POCs Are Expensive

Oh boy! It’s common to offer a POC every time we feel we are losing an opportunity, but you may reconsider once you see the high price attached to it. There are transportation costs and hotel and food costs. HPE does not charge to perform a POC, but we need to bear in mind that there is a list of many clients waiting to do a POC as well. So, the time frame needs to be aligned with the final client’s travel window.

So, set achievable milestone dates; cost is important. If you ask me what project its eligible for based on cost, I can answer based on my latest experience. If you come from Latin America or the Caribbean region, the project needs to be at least a half million dollars, so the cost of the POC can be justified.

  1. Execution of the POC.

This is the most crucial part; it is where the definition and exploration meet. It’s where the roads meet. This step proves that all the concepts and features of any solution we are selling are true. This is the point where all the fun and laughs tuns into serious work. This is where the end-user is no longer our friend; they need to prove us wrong. All the before steps will assure a successful result. Not everything at this level will be smooth; we need to be prepared to weigh the possibility of both positive and negative situations and test the knowledge of the key players and the proven HPE infrastructure. But enough with the theories and steps. What I have been sharing with you about my latest POC, the execution phase was as expected and prepared in the earlier discussion. Two Simplivity nodes were used as part of the POC and SAP ERP with 10TB DB.

  1. Evaluate the POC with the Final Client

This is the best part, when the grinder and the windmill stops. You see the face of the final client; it’s the peak of the mountain, and the results are as planned.

We need to step back and review the results with your team and clients. Make them actively participate in this process. Compare the expectation and reality of outcomes to see how they met (or didn’t meet) your success criteria. Include an evaluation model and findings with comparisons in this phase’s deliverables.

Also, this is where the final client, after seeing how the HPE solution behaved and the performance overcame, stays put. They usually want to conceal the happiness they feel by all the benefits they will receive. Now, getting back to our Simplivity POC, the results on a Tier 1 application are successful. A 32.2: 1 deduplication and compression ratio means a 96.9% savings; that’s outstanding. This means the applications will be faster to respond. A process that used to take 14 minutes to finish now will take only 6 minutes on an SAP ERP application. This is a lot of gain.

As an engineer with experience of 10 years as Hybrid IT Manager for WESTHAM Trade, I can verify the steps that will enable a Latin American and Caribbean end-user to achieve a successful POC. Also, you can use the fundamental principles: DDEEE (Define, Develop, Engineer, Execute and Evaluate).

The pathos behind a proof-of-concept is to dedicate yourself to the refinement of an idea; its practicality once applied to real-life situations within the realm of business needs and seek a way to make sure any lacking areas are removed. It’s also important to remember that while a proof-of-concept is a vetting methodology for new ideas and visions, it may not always contain the answer to your question, but it will guide you to the right path.

Well, the last was full of emotions knowing that we finally achieved what was planned with months in advance. We had many comments on the participants that they had never been on POC that the combinations of HPE and WESTHAM put up this time. Knowledge and positive results were achieved.

How Can Westham Trade Help You Plan a POC with Your Client?

Easy! Join us as your distributor of choice, and you will constantly receive information on how we will guide you through the certification path. Get in touch with a territory manager close to you.

Turn your unencrypted 3PAR into encrypted in 4 easy steps

Due to regulations, such a GDPR or simply for security purposes, you have decided to upgrade your 3Par to fully encrypted drives.  Simple enough right? Well, let me tell you it is simple.  Don’t get me wrong, it is a complex process, but it is not difficult.  In fact, if you have experience you should be able to do this in a few hours.  Be aware that your 3Par will have downtime however, so you should prepare for that.

My objective of writing this blog is to simply let you know that there are no special recipe books on how to do it, nor are there any secrets.  The process is just as you would deduce it on your own and can be done in place.   Let’s get down to it!

Let’s assume you have a 3Par with a mix of SSD and SAS drives on two shelves.  In order to make your 3par encrypted, you will need to buy new encrypted drives.  These drives will say FE in their description for “FIPS Encrypted”.  You will also need to purchase the Data Encryption LTU to activate encryption on your 3Par.  Once you have the hardware and the license handy, the process will look something like this:

Step 1:

You can start by moving all the data from the old SSD’s to the old SAS drives.  This will open enough bays to add your new FE drives into the shelf.

Step 2:

Now you can create a separate, new CPG (Common Provision Group) on the new FE SSD drives.

Step 3:

Move all the volumes to the FE SSD CPG.

Step 4:

Eject all non-encrypted drives using the release option (this should be fast as by this point the drives will have no data). Once you have ejected all non-FE drives, your 3PAR will activate the encryption.

I realize this is a very simplified description, but my idea is to show you that the process is simple.  We have many channel partners in the Caribbean who can perform this function for you, so you can sit back and enjoy your encrypted 3par without lifting a finger.  If you are ready to encrypt your 3PAR, don’t hesitate to contact us directly and we will help you in this process.

HPE Deal Registration Training

Wed, Jun 26, 2019 11:00 AM – 12:30 PM EDT

You are invited to this virtual training about the new HIT rules of engagement and commercial policies for HPE FY19. This training will cover the deal registration process, and  the new manufacturer’s letter module in the Partner Ready Portal.

We hope you find it useful and that it will help you clarify your doubts and accelerate your sales!


The Top 6 Reasons to attend HPE’s Discover in Las Vegas 2019

Create New Relationships that will open New Avenues In the Technology World.

Are you ready to link up with the best brains around the world from HPE? You want to learn, mingle and explore the new talents these people possess? Then why wouldn’t you attend such a function? This function will adequately provide a platform to anyone who likes HPE products and services. Create new relationships and bonds that will go deeper into your daily operations in your businesses, homes or schools. Interacting with the best engineers, software developers, marketers and other people who form part of HPE’s product development team over a cup of your favorite drink. Do you know what is awesome about this? The drinks of your choice will be absolutely free so you will be sipping from two cups at the same time.  This opportunity if well spent will earn you contacts that will really come in handy in your work places. The specialists whom you interact with will give you adequate information as to your problems whenever you encounter them, and if need be, pay you a visit and make you feel a worthy customer.

Venture into the Future; dare to dream

This is for those who are ready for changes that will make life even better and simpler. The futuristic-minded individuals. We are in the era of transformation and only the fast will excel. Are you one of them, a dreamer? Then you cannot miss this coming event. Upon signing a non-disclosure agreement, they will let you in to Hewlett Packard’s envisioned models of computer systems.  Ever heard of “The Machine“?  The best of what the company is planning to release into the market in the coming years. This will give you a drive of what to anticipate.

Be Informed

Information is power. This adage is very true. This avenue is a link to anyone be it an entity or a person to exploit. Is there any need for you to be left out? Be part of the winning team and attend HPE’s Discover in Las Vegas 2019 for you to gain knowledge from the experts. There are always challenges on how to best use the available solutions offered by HPE. Some users are not well acquainted with systems and facilities that are at their disposal. So, this event provides that chance for you. Jump on to it and ensure that you get the best counsel from the developers on how they had envisioned the available systems and facilities to be used. Do not be left out, ignorance is the killer of opportunities! Take this chance, let us unite let us all ensure we are at this event in full swing.

The developers will communicate to you in the simplest language to help you understand where your challenges are from and how best these very challenges can be addressed.  I look forward to seeing you there as we experience “what’s next”.

Remember you are in Las Vegas!

This is the most interesting part. After enduring a long serious day, learning new things, exploiting new and efficient models & systems in this event, you do not have to forget that you are in the heart of entertainment in America, in Las Vegas Nevada. Enjoy yourselves after a long day. Take it all off. Party like you have never had, dance to the slightest beats, enjoy some of the best meals, if you are a casino enthusiast you can hit the ground rolling and place a bet. Lucky you if you win big! Those same spoils you can spend them at the stores the very next day. Or maybe you can purchase yourself a new Synergy frame for your office?  This will surely be the best moments in your life. Enjoying and exploring. This will add a whole new twist as the process will be from learning to entertainment, a whole new level of experience you do not have to miss.

You cannot miss out on this place; the Transformation zone

Hewlett Packard Enterprise! Wow! I have really anticipated this event. This is 2019, much bigger and better. The fact that this is occurring in the US confirms that it is going to be the grandest! Cheer me on if we will not be left out especially in visiting the Transformation Zone. Can you imagine just how the most innovative products from HPE are going to be on display and you can be in a position to demo them on the spot.

What an amazing feeling! I cannot wait to have a view of prototype  products, and talk to the developers who are standing next to them. Get the 411 straight from the  architects, developers, and  ‘super-engineers’ who engineered such great technology. I would not miss out on the transformation zone for anything in the world!

Training and Certification

Do you want to hear more about stuff that’s free? How about training and certifications?  Receive skills and competencies from their experienced and confident staff. Some courses that will be given range from networking, server storage and a couple of other interesting and marketable courses. Why should you be left out? Be part of this elite team and add some credentials to what you already have; those that will open up opportunities for you, and make you relevant in this ever changing technological world.

Don’t miss out on these amazing hands-on trainings:

  • Synergy and composable infrastructure training [Session ID TRNG12556]
  • One View [Session ID TRNG12555]
  • SimpliVity training. [Session ID B12700]

Please do not miss out on such an information-filled trainings. To those using different means of transport to this venue, grab your books and dig deep into them to learn quickly. This will put you on the right track, especially for those aiming at earning a certificate from this event. Are you so interested in passing those exams being offered at the HPE for free? Get a certificate and be recognized by others for achieving this feat in such a fixed time-period? You can take the exams multiple times during the event in case you don’t pass.

Be my guest as we all head to this major event in Las Vegas where we might be certified in Synergy, OneView or even as far as a Master ASE? You cannot miss it. Let us all meet in Las Vegas!

Innovando con HPE Simplivity

Innovando con HPE Simplivity


HPE Simplivity puede transformar el área de IT de una organización para que esta misma deje de ser percibida en la empresa como un gasto y se convierta en agente innovador, y de ingresos cuantificables para la misma.

La reducción de costos; también se puede ver reflejada puesto a que se minimiza el consumo de recursos físicos y se aumenta la seguridad con la certeza de no perder data, teniendo en cuenta que su porcentaje de seguridad es de un 99.9999 %.

Esto, sin lugar a dudas, nos permite llevar a la empresa hacia el mundo de hoy, dando movilidad y versatilidad a las compañías.

Puntualmente Simplivity reduce en un 60% el costo del área IT de las organizaciones y nos permite convertir los costos en operativos, ayudando así en el impacto financiero del negocio.


Angela Espinosa Mejía

TM Centro America


High Performance with Aruba

The real measure of success of the network is about Experience and we are able to provide the best with Aruba Experience Edge.


Introducing the aruba 500 Series, for the most demanding mobile and IoT environments. The 500 Series unified campus access technology is designed to deliver very high performance throughput in extreme high-density locations

Aruba architecture enables context-based applications that create timely, relevant and personalized experiences for users in a world with disruptive technologies. Cloud, mobility, and IoT are happening everywhere, changing security risks and pushing IT staff.

Maykel Molina.
Aruba Networks Solutions Manager.
Westham Trade.