Atmosphere 2019 Las Vegas

Las Vegas | 31 de Marzo – 5 de Abril
Visítenos en Atmosphere y póngase en contacto con los mejores de la industria para explorar lo que es novedoso en la actualidad en el Edge de la Red en evolución. Optimice su infraestructura y manténgase a la vanguardia con las soluciones alámbricas, inalámbricas y de seguridad más recientes. He aquí una vista previa de nuestras mejores secciones:

·     BITS Y BYTES: Profundice en las tecnologías de networking más recientes, incluyendo 802.11ax, Wi-Fi de 6a generación, PoE 802.3bt de alta potencia, autenticación 802.1x y más.

·     SIMPLIFIQUE LA EXPERIENCIA DE TI: Enfóquese en la arquitectura unificada alámbrica, inalámbrica y SD-WAN y en las innovaciones de software más recientes, incluyendo automatización, aseguramiento y administración para una plataforma edge con el estado del arte.

·     SEGURIDAD DETERMINADA POR LA RED: Conozca acerca de defensas continuas de la red para entregar visibilidad, control de acceso, monitoreo continuo, seguridad de la red, así como detección, investigación y respuesta a ataques.

Aruba Hospitality

With business or pleasure hotel guests, your business opportunities take no time off when you have Aruba

Welcome your guests through an internal and personalized web network where they can access secure Wi-Fi while you draw them in with announcements and special deals for your establishment.

Surprise them with more than they expect (or with the unexpected), which will also help you optimize business areas other than lodging.

This is an unparalleled experience and you can achieve it using an integrated network that allows you to:

Detect the presence of clients through their mobile devices.
Collect statistics, obtain data from visitors, encourage customer loyalty and analyze their behavior at the establishment.
Centralized monitoring and visibility of all networks from a sole control panel.

Contact us. We’ll tell you how you can keep your guests happy with a modern and versatile Wi-Fi network.

What is the Aruba networks proposal?
Aruba Beacons
Innovative technology focusing on small devices which create intramural interaction with mobile equipment.

Rooms of the future
with services like automatic room access, streaming TV, IP cameras, video calls, among others.

WiFi Calling
A robust infrastructure that facilitates the use of the modern technology your guests ask for most.

Learn more
For more information call us at 786-464-5300 or send us an e-mail at:

HPE Synergy Virtual Roadshow Recorded Sessions


We have created a Synergy virtual roadshow which includes four sessions that undoubtedly will give you all the knowledge you need to understand Synergy and all its benefits.

Learn how you can gain efficiency and control, and deploy IT resources quickly for any workload through a single interface. HPE Synergy, a powerful software-defined solution, enables you to compose fluid pools of physical and virtual compute, storage, and fabric resources into any configuration for any application.

HPE Synergy Virtual Roadshow #1

HPE Synergy Virtual Roadshow #2

HPE Synergy Virtual Roadshow #3

HPE Synergy Virtual Roadshow #4

HPE Nimble Storage Territory Availability

We are currently offering the entire HPE Nimble Storage portfolio to practically every country in our territory.

Countries currently enabled to sell Nimble Storage:

With any support option available (always taking into consideration a ~170 miles distance from local depot):

Argentina, Bermuda, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Mexico, Peru, Puerto Rico, Venezuela.

With Next Business Day and Spares, until further notice:

Antigua & Barbuda, Aruba, Bahamas, Barbados, Bolivia, British Virgin Islands, Cayman Islands, Curacao, Dominican Republic,  El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Jamaica, Nicaragua, Panama, Paraguay, Trinidad & Tobago, Uruguay, Venezuela.

Please contact us if you are interested in this great product line.  To read more about Nimble solutions, visit



How China Used a Tiny Chip to Infiltrate U.S. Companies

chip finger

On October 4, 2018, an article published in Bloomberg Business Week described a technique allegedly used to implant a tiny microchip on motherboards produced by
Super Micro Computer, Inc. The microchip was allegedly implanted at factory locations and would interfere with and compromise the baseboard management controller (BMC) firmware of the server.

All companies named in the article as being involved (Super Micro, Apple, and Amazon Web Services [AWS]) have categorically denied all claims. Furthermore, both the U.S. Department of Homeland Security and the U.K. National Cyber Security Centre have issued statements that they have no reason to doubt the detailed assessments made by Apple and AWS that refute the validity of the alleged security breach.

We would like to inform you that HPE is not aware and has no evidence that any motherboards used in HPE products have been implanted with the suspect microchip. Through stringent supply chain risk management practices and controls, which include the vetting of supplier and contract manufacturing supply chain practices, cyber security, physical security, and quality assurance, HPE works diligently to mitigate security risks and deliver the highest quality products to support our IT and computing needs.

Security is also designed into HPE Gen10 servers that use the iLO 5 silicon — including HPE ProLiant, HPE Apollo, HPE Synergy, and HPE BladeSystem — to provide enhanced protection. If the server - essential firmware (like the BMC or unified extensible firmware interfaces [UEFI]) of an HPE Gen10 server is altered, not only will the server likely detect the compromised code, but the server will also recover to a known good state of firmware.

Your business’ security is important to us and it’s why HPE put such strong controls and supplier codes of conduct in place.

Thank you for your business and continued support of HPE products, services, and solutions.