There has never been a better time to be an HPE partner


Well I am psyched and excited for things to come with HPE. And I want you to know there has never been a better time to be an HPE partner. Now that HPE has gotten slimmer, going from being a $127 billion supertanker with 325 thousand employees to a $50 billion dollar company with 195 thousand employees, HPE is nimbler than ever (no pun intended). Plus it doesn’t hurt to have such a clear vision and strategy, as Antonio Neri commented in an interview. HPE is committed to deliver solutions for business outcomes.

We make hybrid IT simple

So let’s start with two of the four acquisitions this year that are accelerating growth and improving the solutions portfolio available to us a channel partners. Hyper-converge powerhouse SimpliVity and all-flash superstar Nimble. Both of these technology acquisitions expand the portfolio of solutions you can offer customers. They make current products In the portfolio even better than they were before. Additionally it takes out some of the competition so you can offer a winning solution. It opens the door to new conversations with clients that have older technology and puts you front and center as leaders and trusted advisors.

Partners account for 70 percent of all HPE sales and the commitment to channel partners is stronger than ever. Both SimpliVity and Nimble were both 100 percent channel companies, so they will be adapted easily into HPE.

During the Discover in Vegas, HPE announced the Proliant Gen10 server. They claim that it’s the most secure server on the market. Can you see the opportunity available to your sales force with this new announcement? Not to mention the Synergy platform that rolled out a few quarters ago. Composable infrastructure is totally disrupting the way we do infrastructure moving forward. Every C7000 enclosure out there (in your customers data center) is a potential for refresh now. Your sales team should be salivating over this exciting new portfolio. Did I mention 3Par?

We empower the intelligent edge

Aruba has come in and infused new energy into the overall value proposition. You/we need to take advantage of this. HPE is taking on Cisco head on with a whole bunch of software defined innovations that make the product unique and a winning solution. Cisco has a ‘core out’ approach where you build out your core and then you add the edges. Aruba fundamentally has an edge in approach. And it makes sense! With IoT, the edge needs to be more intelligent. In the era of digital transformation, it is estimated that 40 percent of all data will reside at the edge.

Aruba is combining the Niara software with it highly acclaimed ClearPass network security platform to create the industry’s most complete visibility and attack system. Can you sense my excitement? Your Cisco sales guys need to start training on Aruba solutions. Why not, they can be Aruba certified by taking just one exam. How about Meridian? Are you familiar with it? You should, and that’s because all these product are revenue creating opportunities.

Make it all possible with PointNext

Let’s definitely talk about PointNext because this is very important to you as a reseller/ var / service provider. Did you know that you can offer all of HPE’s technology services and brand them as your own? This is gold. Offer your customers consulting services, from simple to complex and you don’t have to have the technical resource on hand to do it. PointNext can be used as the door opener to start a conversation with your customer. How about a firmware update service….super simple….or how about a cloud readiness assessment? Through PointNext you can sell the simplest service to the most complex consulting service, and you know the deliverables will be the quality you expect from HPE. Soon I will update this with a link to a menu of services available for resale.

Can WESTHAM help you?


The hyper-converge market is a $5 billion market growing at 25 percent annually. High-performance compute is a $11 billion market growing at 6 to 8 percent annually. Our industry is growing at an astonishing rate. And so should you. It’s time to grow – the future is for the fast.

Partner up with Westham Trade and let us give you access to the entire HPE portfolio including all the PointNext services you can leverage on. Our PM’s, TM’s and pre sales, are ready to help you accelerate and transform your business. Trust me, we have many success cases we would happy to share with you. We are an HPE unique value distributor, meaning we don’t sell competing brands. HPE only. And we are agile and ready to grow with you.
So if you’re a reseller, var, or service provider in the Caribbean, we are the right partner for you. The process is simple and it starts with contacting one of us. I promise it will be simple, so don’t be intimidated and ping us.

Let your Business Stand Out using Mobile Engagement.

The way business is done in vertical markets has continuously changed over the years. There were times when the voice announcement in the street was the gold standard. Today, the advent of the newspaper, television ads and most of all social media has revolutionized the business world overtaking and succeeding the previous trends along with Mobile Engagement Platforms.

Nowadays, almost every company from small to Enterprise Grade has a profile on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter or Instagram. However, what comes after the social networks?  Is it enough to have your business posted on the various social media platforms to ensure the survival in this technological world? How can one stand out? How can one take advantage of this situation and do things in a more intelligent way? These are some of the many questions that face the contemporary entrepreneur.

The Need:

Any product, either manufactured in our factory, purchased from a third party, or just basic or professional services needs a sales process. But how do we get our product sold over the many similar products from the competition? Every day this becomes harder to achieve and can be even worst with the threat of the Asian market and its low costs of production.

Here comes the game-changer; we need to promote our product wisely. It’s not enough to have an excellent product if it’s not sold in the way it should. It’s simple; customers need to know the product. The most efficient way to do that is by engaging them through their mobile phone.

The Objective:

Let’s take a look at the following fact: “Today we cannot get away from our phones because we have everything in there to survive.” As such, it’s obvious the businesses that want to succeed in an era where almost every transaction is done through the mobile phone must take advantage of it in any way, no matter what it is. As such, we can conclude that it’s healthy to analyze the following stages of preparation to engage our customers:

– Invest in infrastructure ready to attract and hook our clients.

– Knowing our customers and what they like and need, in an “intelligent database.”

– A “Can’t Refuse Offer” prepared to shoot when the client is on the proper boundary.

– The offer is acquired, and once again the customer becomes our most significant value.

– Rewarding customer loyalty through various benefits and thus ensure their return in the near future.

– Through the support services, we make sure that the client is happy.  Customer satisfaction guarantees the future of our business, as it will earn us a good reputation; thereby promoting us in the market.

The overall objective is to achieve a cost-effective, flexible, and adaptable way to stand out.

The Solution:

After 2 years of HP Enterprise acquisition of Aruba Networks, the company’s vision to make this a valuable injection in the portfolio continues, and particularly with Meridian as the platform responsible for the hitch and analysis of data.

Meridian can simply be described as a “Software as a Service” Platform [typically known as SaaS], where customers can get benefit from a solution that is already developed with all levels of security, redundancy, and availability; without having to invest in the construction and maintenance of it. Let’s describe it in a simpler way: A small footwear shop would have to buy an entire computing platform, ensure energy services during the 365 days of the year, contact several internet links with a sufficient level of reliability, and hire services of implementation and support to achieve at least a small percent of what a SaaS platform can support.

To use Meridian, we must be clear of its components and how they work:

App Maker: a platform hosted on HPE Aruba Networks cloud and available to all customers globally who need to create a customized application with simple and intuitive steps.

Figure 1: Meridian App Maker main screen.

App Viewer:  a free application available in the Apple and Google virtual stores, this allows the customer to test the application in progress and check all the changes in real time.

Figure 2: Meridian App Viewer Example.

White Label Service: This is the process where Meridian posts the Final Application in the stores and it’s responsible for the security health checking, support, maintenance and availability for different locations.

Beacons: Small Bluetooth devices installed onsite for detecting the proximity of users or guide them from spot A to B.

Figure 3: Battery Powered Beacons.

Campaigns: These are built to be trigger by the beacons and then shoot messages to users through the application. Results can then be analyzed in terms of delivery, visualization, and follow-up.

Analytics and Reports:  A process that allows us to analyze the results of our work, and with which we can make smart decisions that can improve the effectiveness of the campaigns and promotions.

Figure 4: Meridian report examples.

The Results:

Through the use of Meridian for mobile engagement our customers have the opportunity to convert a budget spending project into an investment project in order to generate new streams of revenue and to grow profitability through the mutual benefits: The Client achieves what they need, and our Customers increase sales and get more prepared to continue the journey.

All of the above is credited to the data result analytics. Let’s get a better perspective via the following example:

A Grocery Store has many products for its client’s personal use, among which is the Toothpaste A. One of the Sales Specialists of the store achieves a Sponsorship Promotion with the Toothpaste A Manufacturer in exchange for a more convenient physical position in the store plus a notifications campaign to all clients’ phones entering and passing by the store. The notifications would inform them about the new promotion, and the beacons guide the client’s step by step toward the Toothpaste A products. At the end of the day, the campaign analysis shows that the sale of promotional products suffered an increase the reports can be sent to the Toothpaste A Manufacturer for support documentation. Finally, everyone is happy, the manufacturer, the sales specialist, the Store team and, above all: THE CLIENT. This is a scenario where everyone wins through the Mobile Engagement service.

By:  Jose Luis Acebo

HPE Aruba Networking Product Manager at Westham Trade Co.

HPE Global Partner Summit 2017 Day 1 Review

Meg Whitman

HPE Global Partner Summit 2017 got off to an exciting start. The first day was full of exciting announcements, including enhancements to the partner ready program, the unveiling of new digital marketing tools and insights delivered by top Hewlett Packard Enterprise executives and partners.

Day 1 in review

HPE CEO Meg Whitman kicked off the event with her keynote address at the General Session. She emphasized digital transformation and how it’s reshaping every industry. Meg talked about the value proposition, which has never been as clear and simple.

  • We make hybrid IT Simple
  • We power the intelligent edge
  • Maximize the value with HPE Pointnext

Antonio Neri, Executive Vice President and General Manager, Enterprise Group, then delved deeper into the HPE strategy and innovation agenda, revealing the next-generation HPE ProLiant Gen10. Follow this link to the press release.

Keerti Melkote also presented on day one. He announced that HPE Aruba Networking is ending decades of static, closed networking with the Aruba 8400 core and aggregation switch—a game-changing solution designed to address the demands of a modern network driven by Mobility and IoT.

During the general session, we also heard from several partners about their successes with HPE products and solutions to solve customers’ challenges and meet their digital transformation needs.

For example, CB Technologies, a solution-focused reseller, helped a gaming start-up cut costs and increase efficiency through our hybrid cloud solution with HPE Financial Solutions consumption model economics.

Touchpoint CEO Lisa Harper joined Meg on stage to discuss the success the HPE solutions has had in meeting her customers’ network, computing and storage needs on one platform with HPE Synergy.


HPE has invested 2B+ to the best-in-class HPE Partner Ready Program and are constantly evolving it to meet partner needs. HPE Global Chief Channel Officer Denzil Samuels announced HPE Partner Ready Program enhancements around Expanded Competencies, Data Center Specialization and Knowledge Credit Simplification. He mentioned that the HPE program compensation is much greater than the competition and as a leader they plan on making it even better.

The session also revealed enhancements to the HPE Partner Ready Social Media Center that makes it even easier for partners to build their own social media kits and campaigns. One of the most exciting announcements was around the new HPE Partner Ready Digital Marketing Program. This new program unifies digital HPE marketing assets into one comprehensive program and accelerates digital marketing proficiency and execution to drive business growth. Designed with partners in mind, the new program allows partners to evolve their digital marketing journey to better connect with customers and grow their sales pipeline.

Regional partner sessions

Regional partners from North America, Latin America and Asia Pacific had a special opportunity to gather for sessions aimed at unique challenges and opportunities in their regions.

I attended the Latin America session, which was opened by Alfredo Yepes who is the Vice President for the entire Latin American region. Following his presentation, Maria Viana, Global Industries and Indirect Sales Director, spoke about vertical solutions and areas of specialization.

Finally, the panel of all the channel managers came on stage and they were each asked a varied questions that led the conversation to further drive the topics of transformation into the attendees mind.



Optime is organizing a 5K run fundraiser on Saturday September 30th, 2017 at Markham Park starting at 7:30am  The run will benefit the United Community Options of South Florida, formerly known as United Cerebral Palsy.

This organization takes kids with mental disabilities at a young age, and provides them with the quality education and care they need.  As they develop, the institution sets them up for a more promising future by providing activities and jobs.  The result is kids and adults that can play a more important role in our society, while giving them better quality of life for them and their families.

Visit their information page for details where you can sign up as a runner or as a sponsor.  Use code SEPTEMBER30 to receive a 10% discount.

We hope to see many customers and employees there, in support of such a great cause.

Simon's Optime 5K Video

Fuel your #Wednesday with motivation to run/walk the Optime 5k! Learn about who you're helping, like Simon!

Posted by Optime Consulting on Wednesday, July 26, 2017


The Top 6 Reasons to attend HPE’s Discover in Las Vegas 2017

las vegas skyline banner
Las Vegas skyline banner

Create New Relationships that will open New Avenues In the Technology World.

Are you ready to link up with the best brains around the world from HPE? You want to learn, mingle and explore the new talents these people possess? Then why shouldn’t you attend such a function commencing June 5th to 8th in Las Vegas. This function will adequately provide a platform to anyone who likes HPE products and services. Create new relationships and bonds that will go deeper into your daily operations in your businesses, homes or schools. Interacting with the best engineers, software developers, marketers and other people who form part of HPE’s product development team over a cup of your favorite drink. Do you know what is awesome about this? The drinks of your choice will be absolutely free so you will be sipping from two cups at the same time.  This opportunity if well spent will earn you contacts that will really come in handy in your work places. The specialists whom you interact with will give you adequate information as to your problems whenever you encounter them, and if need be, pay you a visit and make you feel a worthy customer.

Venture into the Future; dare to dream

This is for those who are ready for changes that will make life even better and simpler. The futuristic-minded individuals. We are in the era of transformation and only the fast will excel. Are you one of them, a dreamer? Then you cannot miss this coming event. Upon signing a non-disclosure agreement, they will let you in to Hewlett Packard’s envisioned models of computer systems.  Ever heard of “The Machine“?  The best of what the company is planning to release into the market in the coming years. This will give you a drive of what to anticipate.

Be Informed

Information is power. This adage is very true. This avenue is a link to anyone be it an entity or a person to exploit. Is there any need for you to be left out? Be part of the winning team and attend HPE’s Discover in Las Vegas 2017 for you to gain knowledge from the experts. There are always challenges on how to best use the available solutions offered by HPE. Some users are not well acquainted with systems and facilities that are at their disposal. So, this event provides that chance for you. Jump on to it and ensure that you get the best counsel from the developers on how they had envisioned the available systems and facilities to be used. Do not be left out, ignorance is the killer of opportunities! Take this chance, let us unite let us all ensure we are at this event in full swing.

The developers will communicate to you in the simplest language to help you understand where your challenges are from and how best these very challenges can be addressed.  I look forward to seeing you there as we experience “what’s next”.

Remember you are in Las Vegas!

This is the most interesting part. After enduring a long serious day, learning new things, exploiting new and efficient models & systems in this event, you do not have to forget that you are in the heart of entertainment in America, in Las Vegas Nevada. Enjoy yourselves after a long day. Take it all off. Party like you have never had, dance to the slightest beats, enjoy some of the best meals, if you are a casino enthusiast you can hit the ground rolling and place a bet. Lucky you if you win big! Those same spoils you can spend them at the stores the very next day. Or maybe you can purchase yourself a new Synergy compute for your office?  This will surely be the best moments in your life. Enjoying and exploring. This will add a whole new twist as the process will be from learning to entertainment, a whole new level of experience you do not have to miss.

You cannot miss out on this place; the Transformation zone

Hewlett Packard Enterprise! Wow! I have really anticipated this event. This is 2017, much bigger and better. The fact that this is occurring in the US confirms that it is going to be the grandest! Cheer me on if we will not be left out especially in visiting the Transformation Zone. Can you imagine just how the most innovative products from HPE are going to be on display and you can be in a position to demo them on the spot.

What an amazing feeling! I cannot wait to have a view of prototype  products, and talk to the developers who are standing next to them. Get the 411 straight from the  architects, developers, and  ‘super-engineers’ who engineered such great technology. I would not miss out on the transformation zone for anything in the world!

Training and Certification

Do you want to hear more about stuff that’s free? How about training and certifications?  Receive skills and competencies from their experienced and confident staff. Some courses that will be given range from networking, server storage and a couple of other interesting and marketable courses. Why should you be left out? Be part of this elite team and add some credentials to what you already have; those that will open up opportunities for you, and make you relevant in this ever changing technological world.

Don’t miss out on these amazing hands-on trainings:

  • Synergy and composable infrastructure training [Session ID TRNG12556]
  • One View [Session ID TRNG12555]
  • SimpliVity training. [Session ID B12700]

Please do not miss out on such an information-filled trainings. To those using different means of transport to this venue, grab your books and dig deep into them to learn quickly. This will put you on the right track, especially for those aiming at earning a certificate from this event. Are you so interested in passing those exams being offered at the HPE for free? Get a certificate and be recognized by others for achieving this feat in such a fixed time-period? You can take the exams multiple times during the event in case you don’t pass.

Be my guest as we all head to this major event in Las Vegas where we might be certified in Synergy, OneView or even as far as a Master ASE? You cannot miss it. Let us all meet in Las Vegas!

My first blog post

blog image

I am excited to write my first blog post here on our company website.  For a long time I’ve been wanting to do this and finally all the necessary components are installed so we can move forward on this initiative.

I am a firm believer that the best way to promote something you are passionate about, is by reaching your audience through the internet.  I see many companies doing this, and I commend them for doing so.  Now this should be of no surprise to anyone but I believe that authoring content is the best way to be effective.  How many people do you see forwarding and retweeting content I order to get a following?  This is great and works to a certain extent.  But if you are able to create content that is meaningful, and you are the actual author, wouldn’t that be much, much better?

In fact, we are encouraging our entire team to become content writers and contributors, with the objective to get their names out there and create a following of like minded people who are interested in the knowledge and creativity of our posts.

In the next few months, you will see blogs coming from us with topics such as the following:

  • Product Reviews
  • Technical Articles
  • How to Articles
  • Interviews
  • Event summaries

I hope these articles are beneficial to whomever reads them while creating awareness of our company as the leading value distributor for HPE and HPI products to the Caribbean, and Central America.