How China Used a Tiny Chip to Infiltrate U.S. Companies

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On October 4, 2018, an article published in Bloomberg Business Week described a technique allegedly used to implant a tiny microchip on motherboards produced by
Super Micro Computer, Inc. The microchip was allegedly implanted at factory locations and would interfere with and compromise the baseboard management controller (BMC) firmware of the server.

All companies named in the article as being involved (Super Micro, Apple, and Amazon Web Services [AWS]) have categorically denied all claims. Furthermore, both the U.S. Department of Homeland Security and the U.K. National Cyber Security Centre have issued statements that they have no reason to doubt the detailed assessments made by Apple and AWS that refute the validity of the alleged security breach.

We would like to inform you that HPE is not aware and has no evidence that any motherboards used in HPE products have been implanted with the suspect microchip. Through stringent supply chain risk management practices and controls, which include the vetting of supplier and contract manufacturing supply chain practices, cyber security, physical security, and quality assurance, HPE works diligently to mitigate security risks and deliver the highest quality products to support our IT and computing needs.

Security is also designed into HPE Gen10 servers that use the iLO 5 silicon — including HPE ProLiant, HPE Apollo, HPE Synergy, and HPE BladeSystem — to provide enhanced protection. If the server - essential firmware (like the BMC or unified extensible firmware interfaces [UEFI]) of an HPE Gen10 server is altered, not only will the server likely detect the compromised code, but the server will also recover to a known good state of firmware.

Your business’ security is important to us and it’s why HPE put such strong controls and supplier codes of conduct in place.

Thank you for your business and continued support of HPE products, services, and solutions.

Packing the suitcases for the Atmosphere 2018

Are you ready to attend the Atmosphere ? Cause we are! And this time it promises to be one of the best events on this year.

The popular Aruba Networks event takes place every year and its mainly to bring together people from end customers, partners, distributors and fans to talk, develop, demonstrate and train on its innovative solutions.

Atmosphere 2018  is going to bring an excellent experience in each of its participants, who will discuss topics of interest related to wired and wireless networks, management, security, Internet of Things ( IoT ), mobile engagement and above all the integration  between all these with a broad external ecosystem .

This represents the present and future for our generation who use mobile device to do almost everything in personal and business environments.

The Sessions:

The activities will be divided basically into 3 parts:  Partners, Airheads and Trainings. Each one has its peculiarity.

Partners session prepares us to interact daily with our customers. As the main Aruba message says: ” Customer First , Customer Last “we must be prepared to create a long term relationship with them, to use the available tools in order to achieve success in each project we carry out, with technical knowledge, success references, focus, guidance and continuity.

Airheads is oriented to deeper technical topics, live demonstration, open talks, integrations and releases of new functions for all product lines; in short this is the one if you are an engineer in pre-sales, post-sales or a final customer who needs to learn more about how to use Aruba.

Training session offers a chance to deepen knowledge and get prepared to present exams and obtain advanced technical certifications, to support our spot in the market.

The App

As the most important part of these activities is always people, Aruba has already programmed a Mobile application using Meridian to provide a unique experience, use it to:

  • Build and access your agenda, schedule attendance accordingly, review activity’s content, etc.
  • Interact with the local map, locations, active searches, guided indoor navigation step by step [this is done using Blue Dot in Meridian].
  • Receive campaign notifications about the schedules, extra activities, or general interest.
  • Collaboration with other users, share your profile, physical location and contact.
  • Social Networking  where you can have all the Tweets and photos related to the event, participants and announcements, they have even created a contest to add more fun.

Access to the application is sent by the organizing group, after having confirmed the participation.

Our Choice

On our side we are very interested in the new contents of UEBA [ User and Entity Behavior Analytics ], which is part of the Aruba 360 Secure solution Fabric along with the powerful Clearpass, and where the use of artificial intelligence and machine learning make a difference to bring specialized solutions to our customers, who may be suffering unknown problems and whose consequences could be incalculable.

We hope to find you in Atmosphere, we will be there to support you and experience this together.

See you in Vegas!

Continuous learning: The key to your organization’s success

Group of people meeting in a modern office building

There are a lot of specific parts that plays an important role in successful business now a days, when it comes to close opportunities, the difference between success and failure is no longer a matter of how low your prices are but the knowledge and how to apply it as added value. Following the HPE business strategy we are pursuing to provide our partners with the leverage needed to compete in today’s markets.

That's why we recommend you to see some of the following:

Top Knowledge Credit recommended training January 2018

For HPE and Channel Partner internal use only.

The courses listed below are based on HPE’s ongoing internal sales training and focus on key HPE strategic initiatives and highlight our latest solutions and services. Available to all partners, access to the newest content means better training alignment across HPE sales and partners.

For partners with continuous learning requirements, these courses are eligible for Knowledge Credits. For more information on Knowledge.

Credits and regional requirements, see

To access these courses, either click on the course name below or log into your account on MyLearningHPE and under the Training tab choose

The Learning Center. From The Learning Center, you can search for individual courses using the Course ID.

Data Center

Course name Credits Duration (min) Course ID
HPE Compute - Selling DL385 Gen10  1 19 1115317
HPE Compute - Superdome Flex - Randy Meyer interview  1 21 1114822
HPE Compute: Gen10 Server Security  1 15 1096714
HPE Gen10 Intelligent System Tuning  1 15 1096616
HPE Arista Switch Series - Gain a Competitive Edge over Cisco with Arista DC Networking  1 26 1113133
HPE Infrastructure Management Positioning and Sales Motion  1 24 1114302
New HPE SimpliVity 380 Gen10 6000 Series Extra Small, Small, Medium and Large Offerings  1 8 1115415
New Med-Large HPE SimpliVity 380 Gen10 offerings  1 20 1114310
What’s New with OneView 4.0 (includes Synergy Image Streamer 4.0 ) 1 15 1114494
How to Win with HPE Nimble Storage 1 17 1114138
HPE Cloud Volumes Makes Hybrid IT Real and Simple  1 11 1114150
HPE Infosight Overview: Opening Doors with Infosight 1 12 1114132
HPE InfoSight for Nimble Storage & 3PAR, Cloud Bank Storage, RMC 5.0 and more 1 18 1115279
HPE InfoSight - Customer Presentation Overview 1 22 1115277


Course name Credits Duration (min) Course ID
HPE Pointnext Datacenter Care, Make it easier to operate Hybrid IT 1 20 1116153