HPE Synergy Virtual Roadshow Recorded Sessions


We have created a Synergy virtual roadshow which includes four sessions that undoubtedly will give you all the knowledge you need to understand Synergy and all its benefits.

Learn how you can gain efficiency and control, and deploy IT resources quickly for any workload through a single interface. HPE Synergy, a powerful software-defined solution, enables you to compose fluid pools of physical and virtual compute, storage, and fabric resources into any configuration for any application.

HPE Synergy Virtual Roadshow #1

HPE Synergy Virtual Roadshow #2

HPE Synergy Virtual Roadshow #3

HPE Synergy Virtual Roadshow #4

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In Person: Min 4 Persons (CAM) / 6 Persons (CAR)

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Caribbean Accelerating Next is the initiative that will help you become an expert in HPE top Incubation Solutions while you also earn additional Points.

Boost your knowledge with our dynamic trainings and maximize your earnings with the solutions that are waiting just for you.


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Complete the trainings that are available in HPE Engage&Grow:

Selling Synergy

Selling HPE SimpliVity 380

Selling Arista

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Terms and Conditions

  • Promotion valid from September 8th until April 18th, 2018 (end of Q2, FY18).
  • Promotion eligible only to Resellers in the Caribbean region that are registered in the HPE Engage&Grow program.
  • Only the Resellers who complete the trainings in HPE Engage&Grow and pass the exam with a 70% or higher score will receive their certificate and earn 50 Points at the end of each month.
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  • The bonus of 2,000 Points will be given when the trainings are completed and the test is passed with a score of 70% or more.
  • The Points will be delivered through HPE Engage&Grow.
  • The Distributor is responsible for following up, approving the delivery of the incentive and providing the names and information of the winners of each.

Synergy, HPE SimpliVity and Arista incentive.

  • Subject to availability.
  • All other HPE Engage&Grow Terms and Conditions apply for this promotion.

HPE Engage&Grow reserves the right to modify these Terms and Conditions, as well as change, restructure or discontinue this promotion at any time without prior notice to the Resellers.

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Arista Awareness Partner Trainings – Continued Learning

training banner

Would you like to get up to date and know more about the positioning of these solutions? Sales Awareness

If you are an HPE Data Center Networking channel partner, please attend the following trainings.

HPEs Strategy partnership with Arista Networks – 52 Minutes

Arista Podcast’s Series

Arista Sales Training: Selling the Dream – 11 Minutes
Arista Sales Training: Corp. Overview – 18 Minutes
Arista Sales Training: Platform Overview – 17 Minutes
Arista Sales Training: EOS & Cloudvision – 18 Minutes
Arista Sales Training: First Customer Pitch – 13 Minutes

Arista’s Sales Plays

HPE Arista Sales Plays – Virtualization – 15 Minutes
HPE Arista Sales Plays – Arista and SAP – 18 Minutes
HPE Arista Sales Plays – IP Storage – 15 Minutes

Presales Awareness

HPE DCIG Networking Presents: DCN 4.0 – What You Need to Know – 75 Minutes
TekTalk: Arista Software Defined Data Center Primer – 90 Minutes
HPE DCN Presents: How to Program the Arista Switch: Tips & Tricks – 90 Minutes

Cursos Adicionales en Español

HPE y Arista: Red definida por software – 100 Minutos
HPE y Arista ToR/Top Of Rack – 117 Minutos


Latest Articles and News:

• Arista leader in Gartner 2017: For the third consecutive year, Arista is named leader Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for Data Center Networking.
• HPE and Arista Networks at Discover 2017: Get up to date with the HPE’s next-generation compute experience revealed at HPE Discover 2017 in Las Vegas.
• HPE Data Center Networking and Arista Portal: Learn about the portfolio and how to Transition to cloud-first networks in your data center and move at the speed of business apps – while eliminating downtime and application outages.
• HPE and Arista Networks extend their partnership Blog: Want to learn more about the Arista-HPE Partnership, find all you need to know here

HPE Transformation goes all the way

We just exited a training session for the new tool OCA (One Configuration Advanced).  It is amazing to see how HPE’s transformation movement is revamping traditional environments, customers, and tools.  They are truly honoring Meg Whitman’s statement that the future belongs to the fast.  Pancho and I were impressed when we saw how this tool will not only be a more intuitive presales tool, it will be a collaboration and automation cloud-based platform. Unlike the old fashioned Sales Builder, who’s navigation is not intuitive at all and did not allow for easy collaboration.

OCA will replace Watson and Salesbuilder for Windows to bring major improvements by allowing users to build configurations faster and easier.  For those who know what I am talking about, you will experience the wonderful feeling of being able to convert and excel sheet into an entire configuration!  Using transcoding and data transformation, along with all the amazing lines of code that are behind the import button (I love technology and how it makes our lives easier). It is a huge step for HPE to replace both Salesbuilder and Watson, we will definitely face some resistance to the change and transformation at first.  We will have to work around it because there is no turning away from the future.

Change takes time, and when we finish this transformation, we’ll create technical proposals faster than ever.  Did you know that you can get FAN Overrides and add notes embedded right into your configuration?

Soon, WESTHAM will be offering trainings for this tool.  In the meantime I will keep you posted this tool and the new developments HPE will bring us.

This tool will be released on July 1st, 2017 so get ready to start collaborating on a whole new level.


Link for a OCA DEMO


Link for the USER TRAINING material. (You will need your Partner Ready Portal credentials to access this material.)


Sales Builder or One Configuration Advanced?

SimpliVity Training Curriculum 2017

training banner

Team, please find the 2017 Simplivity Training calendar.  Please share this with your resellers, so they can begin training on these solutions.  All these courses are available through the HPE partner portal at no cost to channels.

SimpliVity Sales 101 Training 2017

SimpliVity Sales 101 Training
About SimpliVity – Duration 15 min – Saba ID: 1095666

SimpliVity Sales 101 Training
SimpliVity Differentiation – Duration 30 min – Saba ID: 1095670

Selling HCI for Data Center Consolidation
Data Center Consolidation Overview – Duration 23 min – Saba ID: 1095667

Selling HCI for Data Center Consolidation
Positioning by Audience – Duration 14 min – Saba ID: 1095668

Selling HCI for Data Center Consolidation
Dealing with Competition – Duration 15 min – Saba ID: 1095669

SimpliVity Sales 101 Training
SimpliVity Use Cases – Duration 23 min – Saba ID: 1095671


SimpliVity Sales 201 Training 2017

Competitive Training Series
Competitive Overview – Duration 16 min – Saba ID: 1095614

Competitive Training Series
SimpliVity Competition – Duration 36 min – Saba ID: 1095616

Competitive Training Series
Answering FUD and Comparing TCO – Duration 8 min – Saba ID: 1095618

SimpliVity Sales 201 Training
Positioning Remote Office Branch Office Solutions – Duration 19 min – Saba ID: 1095673

SimpliVity Sales 201 Training
Selling EUC – Overview and Positioning – Duration 23 min – Saba ID: 1095620

TCO Best Practices
Overview of SimpliVity Financial Benefits – Duration 22 min – Saba ID: 1095675

TCO Best Practices
Selling to the Economic Buyer – Duration 23 min – Saba ID: 1095676