Innovando con HPE Simplivity

Innovando con HPE Simplivity


HPE Simplivity puede transformar el área de IT de una organización para que esta misma deje de ser percibida en la empresa como un gasto y se convierta en agente innovador, y de ingresos cuantificables para la misma.

La reducción de costos; también se puede ver reflejada puesto a que se minimiza el consumo de recursos físicos y se aumenta la seguridad con la certeza de no perder data, teniendo en cuenta que su porcentaje de seguridad es de un 99.9999 %.

Esto, sin lugar a dudas, nos permite llevar a la empresa hacia el mundo de hoy, dando movilidad y versatilidad a las compañías.

Puntualmente Simplivity reduce en un 60% el costo del área IT de las organizaciones y nos permite convertir los costos en operativos, ayudando así en el impacto financiero del negocio.


Angela Espinosa Mejía

TM Centro America


High Performance with Aruba

The real measure of success of the network is about Experience and we are able to provide the best with Aruba Experience Edge.


Introducing the aruba 500 Series, for the most demanding mobile and IoT environments. The 500 Series unified campus access technology is designed to deliver very high performance throughput in extreme high-density locations

Aruba architecture enables context-based applications that create timely, relevant and personalized experiences for users in a world with disruptive technologies. Cloud, mobility, and IoT are happening everywhere, changing security risks and pushing IT staff.

Maykel Molina.
Aruba Networks Solutions Manager.
Westham Trade.

Just Right IT

Just Right IT By Camilo Farias Business Development Manager #wtrade

What is JUST RIGHT IT ? JUST RIGHT IT is an academy which is
going to teach you on how to be successful in all the solutions and
tools presentations that HPE offers, focus on delivering complete
integrated solutions, from the edge to the cloud.
The steps to being able to create a strategy based on JUST RIGHT
IT are:

  1. Select and educate the staff on every sales channel.
  2. Enhance the sales for all of your partners within the Flex solutions,
    with all the HPE tools they offer.
  3. Being able to generate opportunities with the marketing
    campaigns, that HPE offers.
  4. Being able to make use of all the tools HPE has to offer, just like
    IQUOTE, which gives you the ability to make you own configuration,
    in the instant your client need something.


Top 3 Reasons to buy VMware via HPE’s VMware OEM Program

For 18 years, HPE and VMware have worked together to revolutionize virtualization economics and create new efficiencies for clients by delivering the industry’s most complete portfolio of integrated systems.

Here are the top 3 reasons why you should buy VMware through HPE’s OEM program.

Better Support

Did you know that if you purchase VMware licenses directly from VMWare you only get technical support in English?  This is a challenge for many Spanish speaking customers.  When you buy the license through HPE’s VMware OEM program, support is available from a single vendor for both physical & virtual infrastructure with over 1,100 HPE support professionals trained on our integrated solutions.

The VMware OEM portfolio from Hewlett Packard Enterprise includes a 1 / 3 / 5-year 24x7 unlimited support and subscription services.  What’s most attractive is that you get level 1 and 2 support with an HPE representative which can open your ticket in Spanish, Portuguese, French, German or even Chinese.  This is especially useful for your customers in Central America and Spanish speaking countries.

Click here to open the VMWare product SKU list.

Special Pricing

If you are already an HPE partner and can register opportunities, adding the licenses to an infrastructure project (or even if just buying them standalone) can get you better volume pricing and better discounts.  An added benefit is you are purchasing them from the same distributor in the same purchase order.  This makes your purchasing process much simpler and streamlined.

Remember that Hewlett Packard Enterprise branded licenses are identical to VMware native software and are transferable to any other HPE or non-HPE servers as needed and fully supported.  Base licenses must be sold with the equivalent number of HPE ProLiant Servers within 30 days.

Additional Incentives

You can train to sell VMware in HPE’s Engage and Grow portal.  You can get points for the trainings and this translates into fun prizes.  Make sure to sign up directly in the Engage and Grow platform.

Next time your customer asks about virtualization software, don’t hesitate to contact our sales team to help you put together a winning offer.  As a reference, the VMware OEM portfolio from Hewlett Packard Enterprise includes:

  • All VMware vSphere core server editions and related acceleration kits
  • VMware Hyper Converged Infrastructure Kits
  • Upgrade licenses within the core server editions
  • VMware vCenter management products including Site Recovery Manager (SRM)
  • vRealize products including vRealize Operations, vRealize Suite
  • vCloud products including vCloud Suite
  • vSAN
  • VMware Horizon products

Atmosphere 2019 Las Vegas

Las Vegas | 31 de Marzo – 5 de Abril
Visítenos en Atmosphere y póngase en contacto con los mejores de la industria para explorar lo que es novedoso en la actualidad en el Edge de la Red en evolución. Optimice su infraestructura y manténgase a la vanguardia con las soluciones alámbricas, inalámbricas y de seguridad más recientes. He aquí una vista previa de nuestras mejores secciones:

·     BITS Y BYTES: Profundice en las tecnologías de networking más recientes, incluyendo 802.11ax, Wi-Fi de 6a generación, PoE 802.3bt de alta potencia, autenticación 802.1x y más.

·     SIMPLIFIQUE LA EXPERIENCIA DE TI: Enfóquese en la arquitectura unificada alámbrica, inalámbrica y SD-WAN y en las innovaciones de software más recientes, incluyendo automatización, aseguramiento y administración para una plataforma edge con el estado del arte.

·     SEGURIDAD DETERMINADA POR LA RED: Conozca acerca de defensas continuas de la red para entregar visibilidad, control de acceso, monitoreo continuo, seguridad de la red, así como detección, investigación y respuesta a ataques.

Aruba Hospitality

With business or pleasure hotel guests, your business opportunities take no time off when you have Aruba

Welcome your guests through an internal and personalized web network where they can access secure Wi-Fi while you draw them in with announcements and special deals for your establishment.

Surprise them with more than they expect (or with the unexpected), which will also help you optimize business areas other than lodging.

This is an unparalleled experience and you can achieve it using an integrated network that allows you to:

Detect the presence of clients through their mobile devices.
Collect statistics, obtain data from visitors, encourage customer loyalty and analyze their behavior at the establishment.
Centralized monitoring and visibility of all networks from a sole control panel.

Contact us. We’ll tell you how you can keep your guests happy with a modern and versatile Wi-Fi network.

What is the Aruba networks proposal?
Aruba Beacons
Innovative technology focusing on small devices which create intramural interaction with mobile equipment.

Rooms of the future
with services like automatic room access, streaming TV, IP cameras, video calls, among others.

WiFi Calling
A robust infrastructure that facilitates the use of the modern technology your guests ask for most.

Learn more
For more information call us at 786-464-5300 or send us an e-mail at:

NinjaSTARS for Nimble Storage

Close-up view of server rack


HPE NinjaSTARS is an interactive storage-sizing tool for HPE 3PAR StoreServ and HPE Nimble storage arrays. It can size and configure a cost-effective and performance-optimized array that can replace existing legacy arrays.

Based on a set of basic capacity and performance metrics (requirements) from an existing storage environment, it converts these requirements into a ready-to-order bill of materials list

This new version includes not only some fixes, but also some new features:

1.   You now can “change” Controller Models while working with your initial configuration instead of having to re-create everything from scratch.

2.   You can now export your scenario to either Word or PDF files.

3.   New Dedup Enable/Disable option, with impact to “reference IOPS” shown in the tool.

4.   And more…

Oscar Jaen Interview

I had the chance to talk to Oscar regarding what he thought were the main concerns of an IT manager today.  He also discussed some of the new technologies we promote.

Make sure to contact Oscar regarding any solution that contains Synergy, SimpliVity, Nimble or 3Par.  He will be happy to guide you in the right direction.