5 reasons why you should
choose HPE for your Microsoft
Azure Stack solution

HPE ProLiant for Microsoft Azure Stack is the only way to go

HPE ProLiant for Microsoft® Azure® Stack simplifies the development, management, and
security of your hybrid cloud. Co-engineered by HPE and Microsoft—based on a 30-year
partnership—the joint solution enables you to run Azure-consistent services in your own
data center.

Here are five reasons why you should choose HPE ProLiant for Microsoft Azure Stack:

The most configurable solution available


HPE ProLiant for Microsoft Azure Stack overs
greater choice with more configuration options
than other solutions. As a fully customizable
solution, you get to choose:

  • The processor type that’s right for the workload
  • Your choice of memory
  • Scalable storage capacity
  • Support for third-party networking
    switches, power supplies, and rack options

With flexible configuration options, be assured
that HPE ProLiant for Microsoft Azure Stack will
fit seamlessly into your existing environment.


4 to 12 nodes

available in single increments

(rather than in blocks of four)

Highest capacity with highest performance at full speed


HPE ProLiant for Microsoft Azure Stack is
uniquely architected to achieve both high
capacity at 768 GB RAM, and high performance
at full 2400 MHz memory speed, increasing
memory bandwidth by up to 28% compared to
other, same capacity solutions. This enables you
to run more workloads—even faster.



increased memory bandwidth


Pay-per-use pricing with HPE Flexible Capacity


Reduce costs by leveraging cloud-style economics by
using a consumption-based model. HPE Flexible
Capacity gives you the cloud you need with:

  • Rapid scalability
  • Variable costs aligned to metered usage
  • No upfront expense
  • Enterprise-grade support
  • One monthly bill

Only HPE gives you true,
consumption-based IT for Azure Stack.


Deploy with confidence with over 4000 trained experts


Leverage the collective expertise of over
4000 HPE experts trained on Azure and
hybrid cloud to answer any questions you
have and give you the support you need.
Take advantage of the experts to:

  • Help you develop the best hybrid cloud
    strategy for your company
  • Deliver professional services to meet your
    use case, design and implementation needs.

Try before you buy


Try Azure Stack and accelerate time to value by
getting up to speed at one of the HPE-Microsoft
Innovation Centers. Run jointly by HPE and
Microsoft, hybrid cloud and Azure experts
are on hand to help you:

  • Access the latest Azure Stack software
    and HPE hardware
  • Implement a proof of concept
  • Test your use cases

HPE ProLiant for Microsoft Azure Stack delivers your hybrid cloud, your way—today. Take advantage of highly flexible configurations, reduce risk, and accelerate time to value with pay-per-use, public
cloud economics. For more information, visit