HPE InfoSight – Power of Predictive!

2018 is the year we strengthen our leadership position in the storage business.

And that starts with a focus on all-flash with HPE Nimble Storage and HPE 3PAR mid-range systems complemented by the incredible HPE InfoSight with the Power of Predictive!

HPE InfoSight is a game-changing breakthrough with the ability to predict and prevent infrastructure problems before they happen!

Join us on February 15 to learn more about HPE InfoSight and how it leverages advanced machine learning to pave the path toward the autonomous data center — and delivers 4 ways to pave your path to business growth and enhanced profitability:

  1. Close More Deals: InfoSight is the #1 unique differentiator.
  2. Close Bigger Deals: ASP is 12% larger when leading with InfoSight. That’s more margin.
  3. Close Deals Faster: Deals close 28% faster when leading with InfoSight.

Increase Lifetime Value: Get fewer problem calls from your customers. Provide value-added insights that increase engagement and pull through new sales.