HPE Nimble Storage Territory Availability

We are currently offering the entire HPE Nimble Storage portfolio to practically every country in our territory.

Countries currently enabled to sell Nimble Storage:

With any support option available (always taking into consideration a ~170 miles distance from local depot):

Argentina, Bermuda, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Mexico, Peru, Puerto Rico, Venezuela.

With Next Business Day and Spares, until further notice:

Antigua & Barbuda, Aruba, Bahamas, Barbados, Bolivia, British Virgin Islands, Cayman Islands, Curacao, Dominican Republic,  El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Jamaica, Nicaragua, Panama, Paraguay, Trinidad & Tobago, Uruguay, Venezuela.

Please contact us if you are interested in this great product line.  To read more about Nimble solutions, visit http://www.hpe.com/nimble-storage/



Offering Great Value to our Clients

One of the greatest challenges that IT resellers face nowadays is trying to keep up with ever-changing technologies.  Case in point, we were all accustomed to selling HPE’s C7000 chassis with blade compute nodes. With the introduction of the Synergy Frame to replace the C7000, we may be feeling the uncertainty of offering such solution.  Do we know how to configure it? Does it solve the customer’s need?  So, instead of offering a new frame to expand your customers capabilities, we might offer more ram and more processors for their aging blade infrastructure.  If we ask ourselves why this phenomenon, the old saying, “You can’t sell what you don’t know” rings very true.  Technology is ever-changing, and your sales team is having a challenging time keeping up.

The HPE C7000 Chassis, was launched in 2006! Few products have had such a long lifecycle. Speaks very well of HPE’s technology.

Why is a relationship with an HPE value distributor indispensable?

Your HPE distributor knows the technologies and solutions inside and out.  For that reason, they can help train your sales force and lead them in conversation with your customer to promote innovative technologies to find the best solution.

Your distributor acts as an extension of your team, bringing all that knowledge to your entire sales staff.  It is always good for resellers to have presales engineers, in fact we encourage it and we can help you develop one.  But in many cases, resellers must rely on their distributor for these activities.

Did you know you can include your distributor sales rep in a call with your customer for additional leverage?  Heck, your distributor might invite and HPE Rep to for added reassurance to your customer.

Westham has 6 presales consultants ready to help. Schedule a session today.

An outstanding distributor can prepare proof of concepts for you. If you have an end-user that is evaluating an HPE solution, a POC (proof of concept) will likely lead to a sale, as long as the equipment performs as expected. The key to a proper POC is to know exactly what the challenges are, what we are trying to solve and finally, the right metrics for measurement. The key is to know which metrics the customer will use to determine success, and what will be considered a failure.

This is especially true with Aruba solutions, where a proof of concept might include access points, switches and software. A proof of concept can be installed on premise and tested for a few weeks in parallel to their current equipment. Testing and benchmarking is crucial. (We have the software to test any Aruba solution).

Aruba POC
Antonio Ramos, HPE Aruba Engineer, giving a thumbs up to Westham's POC for a large caribbean resort. The POC includes controllers, ClearPass, indoor/outdoor access point and much more.

For Compute and Storage solutions, the live demos are usually the best course of action. You can schedule your live demos for Synergy by following this link. Synergy Demo Signup

Did you know that HPE has a customer engagement center in Houston, where we can bring your customer to see the equipment live at the HPE labs? They can even upload the software and do a live test using their applications and measure using their own benchmarks for comparison.

You might be thinking these activities are way over your budget. Well, yes and no. These activities are not cheap and require a three-way investment. The manufacturer, the distributor and the reseller usually co-invest to make these demand generation activities sprout. The distributor has a vested interest in your success, we will work with you to make it affordable. You might ask why would the distributor be willing to co-invest with you? What do they ask in return?

The answer is simple: your loyalty when sourcing the solution and for future projects.

Finally, your distributor can help you negotiate pricing with HPE. We know the methodology and can help you create a compelling case to get the most aggressive pricing possible therefore improving our win probability.

Choosing the right HPE distributor is key to improve your win rate in HPE solutions. At WESTHAM, we pride ourselves in offering the most personalized, fast and friendly service to our clients. We are an HPE Unique Distributor, so you can count on the fact that we know HPE. I am sure that once you start working with us you will never regret it.

Check out our blog posts:

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Finally the unveiling of a New HPE Simplivity


Not quite long ago, the term hyperconvergence surfaced in the market; a fresh promise of less footprint on hardware devices and more compute advantage.  New brands and new models started showing up gradually. It was this that instigated a challenge among technology manufacturers, which all centered on who would take the market share domain.

It is not surprising that the manufacturers wanted a cut of this cake. It humbly represents a 12.5 Billion business opportunity based on IDC evaluation 2018 report. Revenues from Hyperconverged market sales increased 69.4% which means that in 2017 the Hyperconverged market surpassed $3.7 billion.

The demands were forthcoming until the final benefits of a Solution to minimize data center complexity and improve scalability. HPE came up with HPE Hyperconverge HC380 solution, an IT framework that combines storage, computing and networking into a single system.  HPE hardware was top of the line solution that used Apollos configuration where you could have up to 4 server nodes in a 2U rack footprint.

HPE did not remain in the market lead with the hardware model at this time but something was cooking in the strategy kitchen. Simplivity was on the drawing table. HPE came to terms to purchase Simplivity for $650 million as a means of expanding. Its hyperconverge offering and analytics believed it was a good deal. Nonetheless, the rest is History.

HPE became the most requested Hyperconverge Brand with the HPE Simplivity 380 based on Gen9 and Gen10 models. SimpliVity’s hyperconverged infrastructure appliance, the OmniCube, replaces storage, switches, cloud gateways, high-availability shared storage, and appliances for backup and deduplication, WAN optimization, and storage caching.  Aren’t these features a jonesing? It’s all that an IT Manager wants and desires.


The Uniqueness of HPE Simplivity 380 from other Solutions:

  • FAST: Advanced VM-centric management and mobility speed deployment and application performance
  • Powerful and efficient: All IT infrastructure and advanced data services for virtualized workloads plus increased storage efficiency
  • Multi-cloud: Transform your VM environment into an enterprise cloud that delivers cloud-like speed, operations and economics across all your private clouds

Until now, we were thinking that it was all wrapped up but HPE lately proclaimed that a new HPE Simplivity model was going to emerge, no more waiting. The former and most desired hardware solution is operative once more. It’s the HPE Simplivity 2600 hyperconverge appliance based on HPE Apollos Gen 10 Server and all-flash storage. It is designed to solve client needs as a simpler and powerful infrastructure for Virtual desktop infrastructure.

HPE Simplivity 2600 will be capable of holding more virtual desktop users in a limited data center space, it will also have 2 times more dense advantage compared to HPE Simplivity 380. Rigid flexibility with customer’s choice in HPE Apollo chassis. Although it first addresses the VDI environment it will keep offering 100% Software optimize Simplivity with always on deduplication & compression, validated by HPE and Login VSI.

Where can HPE Simplivity 2600 be positioned?

  • Oil & Gas: Extreme space constraints on offshore platforms and remote drilling sites
  • Retail (POS) - Chain stores and franchises who want to manage POS centrally, but want  equipment onsite
  • SLED - Need many desktops for computer labs. Very little space available for infrastructure
  • Co – locations: High cost of rack space in urban Co-location centers place a premium on dense  infrastructure

Are you catching my drift? More amazing features are being developed and soon, more and more information on this revolutionary solution will be announced.

Being successful takes more than hardware, software, or services. It requires a partner like WESTHAM TRADE able to bring all these elements together, aligned to your customer industry, and enterprise.

HPE Warriors Briefing 2017 – Houston

It’s that time of the year we all have been waiting for.

We are so excited with HEWLETT PACKARD ENTERPRISE’S commitment with the channel partner community. On August 21st to the 25th all the Caribbean and Central America technological community will be gathering at the annual HPE Warriors Event.

There has never been a better time to win as an HPE Partner, the hyperconverge market is increasing, HPE computing is gaining market at an astonishing rate, and as Meg Whitman once said:  “the future is for the fast”.  It’s the best path for you to grow, and this is your chance to acquire all the tools to be successful in this industry.

The Future is for the fast

The best reason to attend it’s that you will be able to explore and learn the benefits of HPE portfolio, join live demos, talk to the lab scientist, see the physical solution and so much more. It will get you ready for the Technological Road with HPE.

It’s the First Time where two different market will be together, The Caribbean Market and the Central America Market, so much differentiated by Culture, language and what I Like the most, Food. I call it a Hybrid Gathering. For the first time we will share  on all Experiences and solutions provided but most of all aligned with a unified HPE Message.

IF you don’t want to miss this great opportunity to be part of HPE WARRIOR 2017, you must register, it’s simple! WESTHAM TRADE as a proud Sponsor of this event have send a personalized invitation you must reserve your participation by filling your personal information.  Also you will receive Learning points as part of your HPE Professional Career.

One of the Main Objectives is to unify the Message about Hybrid It. The Agenda is full of knowledge that includes Training such as: Synergy, Helion, Gen 10 Infrastructure, and One View Management. On the Storage Side we will share knowledge on 3PAR and BURA. HPE Aruba and PointNext will be included as well, there is so much content that will make you want to run and gain more market share for your company.

Many familiar faces will be there: Andres Campuzano, Gualberto Huerta, Jessica Delgado, Luis Valencia and many more.  Many more surprises will come along.

Join us in Houston at HPE Office Campus, we are so eager to see you there. Do not hesitate contact one of WESTHAM TRADE Territory Manager to help you out throughout the registration process.

Choose your Territory:

  • Caribbean


  • Centro America


You are all set!!!.

warrior banner

For training curriculums and information, please visit our training page.

What Is The Idea Economy? How does it affect me?

What Is The Idea Economy? How does it affect me?

In the last 3 years, the term “Idea Economy” has become increasingly popular, and you may be wondering what it means and how it affects you. There is a disruption taking place in the existing market, displacing what the industry or technology produces to something new and efficient.  Are you familiar with the concept of business disruption? Well, it’s just the ability to turn an idea into a new product or a new industry quickly.  If you think about it, it’s on the mind of every business endeavors leveraged on the technological environment.

We all have ideas that sometimes might seem crazy for the time we are living in. However, those ideas are the baseline for the next business opportunities. There is no time to hesitate if we want to achieve success. Success is defined by how quickly an enterprise or individual can turns ideas into value, hence, speed is the key differential in all industries.

There is a simple example that explains an idea put into practice. We all have heard of UBER, we might have even used their service, but do we know what it took for UBER to be in position as a market disrupter? One of the major tools that UBER uses, apart from its UBER Philosophy, is the information at hand that enables the User to monitor the app.  What if UBER was only to be used on a Laptop or a Desktop? It wouldn’t have had the effect that they had. The magic sauce is in the mobility option that enable the use of the app on any smartphone. It gives you control and ownership, to choose the type of service you want and the time the service is to be completed. Also, a strategic feature is the ability to pay for the service without psychical currency. It does it all!

Uber did not invent a new technology, it only took advantage of the explosion of smartphones and mobile applications to give a better customer experience. This example is not the only thing about UBER executing a good idea, it’s a warning that every fortune 1000 company is at risk of missing a market opportunity, and YOU COULD BE THE NEXT!  Secure your enterprise and prevent being disrupted by a new idea or business model.

Are you getting the point? If you’re still wondering how the Idea Economy will affect you, then, let us help on out. Ask you clients these questions:

  • First, How quickly can their company capitalize your New Idea?
  • Second, How rapidly can their company seize a new opportunity?
  • Third, How fast can their company respond to new competitor that threatens the business?

We are preparing the Technological Footprint for our clients’ ideas. The benefit is that your company and your clients can use HPE technology to adapt quickly and change your business model and achieve faster time to value.

How can WESTHAM Trade Help you?

We can help you provide your customer with an infrastructure Baseline that will help them transform their IT department to become a revenue accruing business unit. Every time an idea happens, they will be able to create the requisite applications and get them into market fast.  The Magic Sauce is to become Composable.

It’s Easy!

Your customer need to meet this simple requirements:

  • Have an Infrastructure that gives you a pool of resource, Compute, Storage and Fabric.
  • Have Software defined Intelligence to know how to provision, operate, update and maintain the business operations.
  • And finally allow your different Ideas to become highly integrated, connected and automated.

Being successful takes more than hardware, software, or services. It requires a partner like WESTHAM TRADE able to bring all these elements together, aligned to your customer industry, and enterprise.

My first blog post

blog image

I am excited to write my first blog post here on our company website.  For a long time I’ve been wanting to do this and finally all the necessary components are installed so we can move forward on this initiative.

I am a firm believer that the best way to promote something you are passionate about, is by reaching your audience through the internet.  I see many companies doing this, and I commend them for doing so.  Now this should be of no surprise to anyone but I believe that authoring content is the best way to be effective.  How many people do you see forwarding and retweeting content I order to get a following?  This is great and works to a certain extent.  But if you are able to create content that is meaningful, and you are the actual author, wouldn’t that be much, much better?

In fact, we are encouraging our entire team to become content writers and contributors, with the objective to get their names out there and create a following of like minded people who are interested in the knowledge and creativity of our posts.

In the next few months, you will see blogs coming from us with topics such as the following:

  • Product Reviews
  • Technical Articles
  • How to Articles
  • Interviews
  • Event summaries

I hope these articles are beneficial to whomever reads them while creating awareness of our company as the leading value distributor for HPE and HPI products to the Caribbean, and Central America.