Strategic Briefings: Immersive, Customized, Anywhere

Uncover key opportunities that drive competitive advantage in a tailored HPE briefing. HPE's briefings teams are ready to meet your customer - whether in a virtual environment or in person at one of their worldwide customer centers.  Ignite their edge-to-cloud initiatives and advance their digital journey.


Let us guide you through the process of registering your customer for the Virtual Executive Briefing.  We will ensure that every step of the way goes smooth in order to enhance your customers overall experience.

Our team of experienced territory managers have helped clients not only with virtual briefings, but in person as well.  Once the travel restrictions are lifted, we will be happy to help coordinate such briefings as well.  If you are interested in doing a proof of concept for your customer, we can help with that as well.

The Virtual EBC gives you a front row seat to experience the possibilities of your digital transformation in collaborative discussions with global technology leaders, engaging hands-on digital demonstrations and tours of customer solutions in action - all within one virtual environment.


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