Simplify Your Entire End-To-End Data Journey with Semantix & Westham Trade

Founded in 2010 in Brazil and today with offices in Latin America and the USA, Semantix develops solutions to the Data Driven model, for organizations that need to be one step ahead using the most current technology.


Semantix is a reference in Big Data, Analytics and Artificial Intelligence, developing innovative and disruptive solutions, in addition to Big Data All-In-One platforms, which allows the Implementation of complete environments in minutes.


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in 15 countries


+12 years

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Get to know SDP Data Integration and discover hot to simplify your business integrations.

With SPD Data Integration, it is possible to solve your integrations in a simple and easy way, automating your processes through an Integration Platform. The platform aims to solve complex integrations with a few clicks and connect any system or data source with agility and scalability to grow your business.


Automate your Company Processes with an Integration Platform.

Connect what you need according to your business needs, from the most complex to the simplest integrations, gain performance and scale with a modern, flexible and fully dev-friendly platform.




Have at your disposal more than 200 ready-made components market software such as CRM´s, e-commerce, ERP´s and much more, and accelerate the construction of integrations. Or create your own component at any time.


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