Top 3 Reasons to buy VMware via HPE’s VMware OEM Program

For 18 years, HPE and VMware have worked together to revolutionize virtualization economics and create new efficiencies for clients by delivering the industry’s most complete portfolio of integrated systems.

Here are the top 3 reasons why you should buy VMware through HPE’s OEM program.

Better Support

Did you know that if you purchase VMware licenses directly from VMWare you only get technical support in English?  This is a challenge for many Spanish speaking customers.  When you buy the license through HPE’s VMware OEM program, support is available from a single vendor for both physical & virtual infrastructure with over 1,100 HPE support professionals trained on our integrated solutions.

The VMware OEM portfolio from Hewlett Packard Enterprise includes a 1 / 3 / 5-year 24x7 unlimited support and subscription services.  What’s most attractive is that you get level 1 and 2 support with an HPE representative which can open your ticket in Spanish, Portuguese, French, German or even Chinese.  This is especially useful for your customers in Central America and Spanish speaking countries.

Click here to open the VMWare product SKU list.

Special Pricing

If you are already an HPE partner and can register opportunities, adding the licenses to an infrastructure project (or even if just buying them standalone) can get you better volume pricing and better discounts.  An added benefit is you are purchasing them from the same distributor in the same purchase order.  This makes your purchasing process much simpler and streamlined.

Remember that Hewlett Packard Enterprise branded licenses are identical to VMware native software and are transferable to any other HPE or non-HPE servers as needed and fully supported.  Base licenses must be sold with the equivalent number of HPE ProLiant Servers within 30 days.

Additional Incentives

You can train to sell VMware in HPE’s Engage and Grow portal.  You can get points for the trainings and this translates into fun prizes.  Make sure to sign up directly in the Engage and Grow platform.

Next time your customer asks about virtualization software, don’t hesitate to contact our sales team to help you put together a winning offer.  As a reference, the VMware OEM portfolio from Hewlett Packard Enterprise includes:

  • All VMware vSphere core server editions and related acceleration kits
  • VMware Hyper Converged Infrastructure Kits
  • Upgrade licenses within the core server editions
  • VMware vCenter management products including Site Recovery Manager (SRM)
  • vRealize products including vRealize Operations, vRealize Suite
  • vCloud products including vCloud Suite
  • vSAN
  • VMware Horizon products

HPE Synergy Virtual Roadshow Recorded Sessions


We have created a Synergy virtual roadshow which includes four sessions that undoubtedly will give you all the knowledge you need to understand Synergy and all its benefits.

Learn how you can gain efficiency and control, and deploy IT resources quickly for any workload through a single interface. HPE Synergy, a powerful software-defined solution, enables you to compose fluid pools of physical and virtual compute, storage, and fabric resources into any configuration for any application.

HPE Synergy Virtual Roadshow #1

HPE Synergy Virtual Roadshow #2

HPE Synergy Virtual Roadshow #3

HPE Synergy Virtual Roadshow #4

HPE Nimble Storage Territory Availability

We are currently offering the entire HPE Nimble Storage portfolio to practically every country in our territory.

Countries currently enabled to sell Nimble Storage:

With any support option available (always taking into consideration a ~170 miles distance from local depot):

Argentina, Bermuda, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Mexico, Peru, Puerto Rico, Venezuela.

With Next Business Day and Spares, until further notice:

Antigua & Barbuda, Aruba, Bahamas, Barbados, Bolivia, British Virgin Islands, Cayman Islands, Curacao, Dominican Republic,  El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Jamaica, Nicaragua, Panama, Paraguay, Trinidad & Tobago, Uruguay, Venezuela.

Please contact us if you are interested in this great product line.  To read more about Nimble solutions, visit



Offering Great Value to our Clients

One of the greatest challenges that IT resellers face nowadays is trying to keep up with ever-changing technologies.  Case in point, we were all accustomed to selling HPE’s C7000 chassis with blade compute nodes. With the introduction of the Synergy Frame to replace the C7000, we may be feeling the uncertainty of offering such solution.  Do we know how to configure it? Does it solve the customer’s need?  So, instead of offering a new frame to expand your customers capabilities, we might offer more ram and more processors for their aging blade infrastructure.  If we ask ourselves why this phenomenon, the old saying, “You can’t sell what you don’t know” rings very true.  Technology is ever-changing, and your sales team is having a challenging time keeping up.

The HPE C7000 Chassis, was launched in 2006! Few products have had such a long lifecycle. Speaks very well of HPE’s technology.

Why is a relationship with an HPE value distributor indispensable?

Your HPE distributor knows the technologies and solutions inside and out.  For that reason, they can help train your sales force and lead them in conversation with your customer to promote innovative technologies to find the best solution.

Your distributor acts as an extension of your team, bringing all that knowledge to your entire sales staff.  It is always good for resellers to have presales engineers, in fact we encourage it and we can help you develop one.  But in many cases, resellers must rely on their distributor for these activities.

Did you know you can include your distributor sales rep in a call with your customer for additional leverage?  Heck, your distributor might invite and HPE Rep to for added reassurance to your customer.

Westham has 6 presales consultants ready to help. Schedule a session today.

An outstanding distributor can prepare proof of concepts for you. If you have an end-user that is evaluating an HPE solution, a POC (proof of concept) will likely lead to a sale, as long as the equipment performs as expected. The key to a proper POC is to know exactly what the challenges are, what we are trying to solve and finally, the right metrics for measurement. The key is to know which metrics the customer will use to determine success, and what will be considered a failure.

This is especially true with Aruba solutions, where a proof of concept might include access points, switches and software. A proof of concept can be installed on premise and tested for a few weeks in parallel to their current equipment. Testing and benchmarking is crucial. (We have the software to test any Aruba solution).

Aruba POC
Antonio Ramos, HPE Aruba Engineer, giving a thumbs up to Westham's POC for a large caribbean resort. The POC includes controllers, ClearPass, indoor/outdoor access point and much more.

For Compute and Storage solutions, the live demos are usually the best course of action. You can schedule your live demos for Synergy by following this link. Synergy Demo Signup

Did you know that HPE has a customer engagement center in Houston, where we can bring your customer to see the equipment live at the HPE labs? They can even upload the software and do a live test using their applications and measure using their own benchmarks for comparison.

You might be thinking these activities are way over your budget. Well, yes and no. These activities are not cheap and require a three-way investment. The manufacturer, the distributor and the reseller usually co-invest to make these demand generation activities sprout. The distributor has a vested interest in your success, we will work with you to make it affordable. You might ask why would the distributor be willing to co-invest with you? What do they ask in return?

The answer is simple: your loyalty when sourcing the solution and for future projects.

Finally, your distributor can help you negotiate pricing with HPE. We know the methodology and can help you create a compelling case to get the most aggressive pricing possible therefore improving our win probability.

Choosing the right HPE distributor is key to improve your win rate in HPE solutions. At WESTHAM, we pride ourselves in offering the most personalized, fast and friendly service to our clients. We are an HPE Unique Distributor, so you can count on the fact that we know HPE. I am sure that once you start working with us you will never regret it.

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Martin Castillo Interview

I had the opportunity to interview Mr. martin Castillo, RLA General Manager at HPE.  He gave me some insights on his view of the new territory he is managing, RLA.


1:10   The new position and territory
3:30  Tips for partner on success
4:30  Expanding the vision
5:00  Business continuity
6:30  Talk about transformation
7:40  Message to viewers

Mr. Castillo was a gracious host, he has over twenty years in this industry and he is extremely willing to help his channel partners.

The HPE Support Contract, your insurance policy to protect operational integrity

There’s no doubt technology plays a critical role in the competitiveness of all organizations and it’s one of the intangible factors that poses more difficulty in its management. The new scenario is identified with the acceleration of technological change and the shortening of the life cycle of products, hence the strategic importance of effective management of IT infrastructure in companies. If your equipment is a fundamental part of your operative success, why leave your effectiveness solely on factory warranty? Contracting maintenance, support or consulting services is not a commodity, nor an unnecessary expense; it’s an investment of unavoidable strategic alignment to achieve the objectives of the Organization.

Warranty vs. Support Contract

Support ServicesWarranty Services
Protection against interruption times.Protect against manufacturing defect of HW
Spare parts and labor for a period and additional coverage.Provide spare parts and labor.
Support options with a Response Time and/or Solution commitment.Offer the "best effort" response for replacing components.
Software support and update options.Does not offer support for OS
Flexible support levels.Does not guarantee response times or advanced solutions.
Highly qualified Specialists and Consultants.
Installation/implementation service options.
Group of people meeting in a modern office building

The differences are obvious when it comes to effectiveness and competitiveness. The next question would be how do I access support services? I must then hire a team of specialists in my Technology Department? The answer is IT Outsourcing. In business transformation, it’s more valuable to have a trusted technological partner that guarantees the correct functioning and use of the systems.

Benefits of Support and Services Outsourcing

  • Increase in Profitability - Delegate to your technology partner the technical support and maintenance of the IT area allows you to focus on tasks directly related to the nature and raison d'être of the business, obtaining a significant reduction in operating costs.
  • Methodology and Knowledge - A complete system for tracking incidents and reports of all support interactions at your disposal. This lets you know when, why and who requests Technical Support services.
  • Accessibility and Availability – Contracting additional resources for specific projects on demand allows you to reduce the cost of having technical support personnel available for such specific functions.
  • Dynamism and agility - Greater capacity to adapt quickly to changes in the business and greater agility to make decisions about the Technical Support of the company.
  • Flexibility - Choose the level of service that meets your needs and the form of payment that suits your cash flow.
  • Personalization - Customized solutions.
  • Diversity of resources - Access to specialized resources in various areas of computing with extensive experience and high quality.

Running a business is expensive and the costs of purchasing, monitoring, maintaining and updating equipment and software can represent more money than an average company can afford. Growing is a challenge, but doing it in a sustained manner and under the criterion of continuous improvement is what guarantees the long-term business continuity in a highly competitive environment. Factory warranty is not enough, nor is it necessary to hire a team of specialists in each area, to have mechanisms to reduce risks and attend failures. Increase your purchasing power as a result of technological outsourcing and do not put at risk the life cycle of your products against the long life of your Organization.

Westham Trade offers HPE support contracts, including renewals for the caribbean territory. All we need is the serial numbers to draft a support contract with levels ranging from foundation to proactive.

El contrato de Soporte, su póliza de seguro para proteger la integridad operativa

Group of people meeting in a modern office building

Sin duda la Tecnología desempeña un papel crítico en la competitividad de todas las organizaciones y es uno de los factores intangibles que plantea más dificultad en su gestión. El nuevo escenario se identifica con la aceleración del cambio tecnológico y el acortamiento del ciclo de vida  de los productos, de ahí la importancia estratégica de realizar una eficaz gestión de la infraestructura IT  en las empresas. ¿Si sus equipos son parte fundamental y pilar de su éxito operativo por que dejar su efectividad solo a la garantía de fábrica?  Contratar mantenimiento, soporte o servicios de consultoría  no es un lujo, ni un gasto innecesario; es una inversión de alineación estratégica ineludible para cumplir los objetivos de la organización.

Garantía Vs Contrato de Soporte

Servicios de Soporte
 Protección contra tiempos de interrupción.
 Repuestos y mano de obra por un período y cobertura adicional.
 Opciones de soporte con compromiso de Tiempo de Respuesta y/o Solución.
 Opciones de soporte y actualización de Software.
 Especialistas y Consultores Altamente Calificados.
 Opciones de servicios de instalación / implementación.
 Niveles de soporte flexibles.
• Protege contra defectos de fabricación de HW.
• Proporciona repuestos y mano de obra.
• Ofrece la respuesta “mejor esfuerzo” para la sustitución de componentes defectuosos.
• No ofrece soporte para sistema operativo.
• No ofrece servicio de instalación.
• No compromete tiempos de respuesta, ni soluciones avanzadas.

*Fuente: Hewlett-Packard Enterprise

Las diferencias saltan a la vista cuando de efectividad y competitividad se trata. La siguiente pregunta sería como accedo a los servicios de soporte? Debo entonces contratar todo un equipo de especialistas en mi Departamento Tecnológico? La respuesta es Outsourcing IT. En la transformación de los negocios cada vez cobra más valor contar con un socio tecnológico de confianza, que garantice el correcto funcionamiento y aprovechamiento de los sistemas.

Beneficios del Outsourcing de soporte y servicios

  • Aumento de Rentabilidad - Delegar en su socio tecnológico el soporte técnico y mantenimiento del área IT le permite enfocarse en tareas relacionadas directamente con la naturaleza y razón de ser del negocio, obteniendo una importante reducción en los costos operativos.
  • Metodología y Conocimiento - Un completo sistema de seguimiento de incidencias y reportes de todas las interacciones de soporte a su disposición. Esto le permite saber cuándo, porqué y quién solicita los servicios de Soporte Técnico.
  • Accesibilidad y Disponibilidad - Contratar bajo demanda recursos adicionales para proyectos específicos le permite disminuir el costo de tener personal de soporte técnico disponible para funciones tan específicas.
  • Dinamismo y agilidad - Mayor capacidad para adaptarse rápidamente a los cambios en el negocio y una mayor agilidad para tomar decisiones sobre el Soporte Técnico de la empresa.
  • Flexibilidad – Escoja el nivel de servicio que responda a sus necesidades y la forma de pago que se adapte a su flujo de caja.
  • Personalización - Soluciones hechas a su medida.
  • Diversidad de recursos – Acceso a Recursos especializados en diversas áreas de la informática con amplia experiencia y alta calidad.

Manejar un negocio es caro y los costos de compras, monitoreo, mantenimiento y actualización de equipos y software pueden representar más dinero del que una empresa promedio puede costear. Crecer   es un reto pero hacerlo de manera sostenida y bajo el criterio de mejoramiento continuo es lo que garantiza la continuidad del negocio a largo plazo en un ambiente de alta competitividad. No es suficiente la garantía de fábrica, ni es necesario contratar un equipo de especialistas en cada área, para contar con mecanismos de reducción de riesgos y atención de fallas. Aumente su poder adquisitivo como resultado de la tercerización tecnológica y no ponga en riesgo el ciclo de vida de sus productos  contra la larga vida de su Organización.