The top technology conferences of 2020

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Stay on top of your game by attending a conference this year.

We don't have to tell you that attending a conference or two is a great way to do some true peer-to-peer networking and explore what's next. Whatever your technology interest, there's a conference to match. To help you on your way, we curated five lists of technology-specific conferences in 2020 that are worth considering.

The top security conferences to attend in 2020

This is a broad list of events, which means there's a little something for everyone. Many are hacker shows where attendees learn to attack and compromise systems, and there are many good reasons for this. There are also conferences that take a broad approach, some that focus on business and the intersection of public policy and security, and others that reach out to underrepresented communities.

The top AI and machine learning conferences to attend in 2020

AI-focused conferences give researchers and business executives a clear view of what is already working and what's next. Whether you're a postdoc, a professor working on robotics, or a programmer for a major company, there are conferences to help you code better, network with other researchers, and show off your latest papers. And if you're a CEO or chief innovation officer looking to deploy smart bots to engage with your customers or use predictive algorithms to help customers find your products, there are events to help you do that, too.

Top 10 data and analytics conferences to attend in 2020

Today's data and analytics conferences cover the gamut of challenges around the hard work data scientists, data managers, and data enthusiasts encounter every day. The conferences on this list include topics like governance and trust, IoT, customer analytics, AI and machine learning, how to develop a data-driven culture, self-service data and analytics, and the roles of chief data officers and chief analytics officers.

14 IoT conferences to attend in 2020

The Internet of Things has grown from novelty status to driving autonomous vehicles and running smart homes and factories. IoT's phenomenal growth has created fertile ground for smart cities, healthcare IoT, Industrial IoT, and other new disciplines to rise and mature across industries. IoT conferences change from year to year to reflect these new realities. This list includes broad-based events as well as more focused conferences.

The top 21 leadership conferences to attend in 2020

Few people are born with all the requisite skills to be a great leader. The good news is that many of these skills can be learned. This list includes events around the world. Some are explicitly about leadership, but in many cases, the leadership component is contained in agenda tracks or specific sessions. Keep in mind that you can learn leadership skills in sessions that address other topics, such as project management and team-building presentations.

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