aruba´s Remote Access Solutions for Teleworking Experience


Connection Tools VS Covid-19

Your employees, and your business are very important to us.

To ensure business continuity in response to man-made incidents, natural disasters, or pandemics, is essential a contingency planing.

“Work from Home” model is a very common and useful strategy these days.
By providing a versatile remote networking solution, IT can securely extend the corporate enterprise network at lower cost and massive scale to easily overcome thecomplexity that makes traditional remote networking options poorly suited for wide-scale business continuity applications.

aruba´s Remote Access Solution Advantages

- Seamless Application Access
- Resilient WAN Connectivity
- Always-on Connectivity
- WAN Independent
- Zero-Touch Provisioning
- Wired and Wireless Security
- Highly Scalable Solution
- Regulatory Compliance
- Centralized Management

Virtual Intranet Access (VIA) Client

Available as a software, VIA agent is a secure VPN service for users who need corporate connectivity at home, temporary sites, or while they’re mobile. They can install VIA on their computers and smart devices to connect to their enterprise network from remote locations.

This solution doesn´t require dedicated hardware, it integrates VPN services directly on existing Aruba secure infrastructure to simplify architecture and management.

VIA uses the standard IPsec protocol suite to secure communications between VIA-enabled devices and an Aruba Controller (HW appliance or Virtual appliance).

To ensure a consistent end-user experience, regardless of location, VIA client software leverages the same role-based and stateful firewall policies for local and remote network access. It can also apply different access roles and policies on the same endpoint, depending on where the user logs into the network.


Download Via Client:

Remote Access Point – RAP

Aruba RAPs deliver the same corporate wired and wireless experience in remote locations such as a home office or temporary workplace. This means users can access the same SSID, Intranet, and other services.

Low-cost plug-and-play RAPs are installed by users and require no IT assistance. When connected, automatically extend corporate enterprise resources to branch and home office networks using site-to-site VPN tunnels from the central data center, where all configuration, management, authentication and reporting are handled by the Aruba Mobility Controller.


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