HPE Primera Mission-Critical Redefined


Extreme resiliency and performance with the agility of the cloud on the world’s most intelligent storage for
mission‑critical applications

We know every organization, regardless of industry, size, or age has workloads essential to their business. These mission-critical workloads represent the keys for you to unlock innovation, get ahead, and ultimately disrupt the status quo.

Sacrificing resiliency for agility is no longer acceptable. Now is the time for intelligent storage that manages itself for every mission-critical app of today and tomorrow.

Built upon proven resiliency and powered by HPE InfoSight, HPE Primera delivers instant access to data with storage that sets up in minutes, upgrades transparently, and is delivered as a service. Ensure always fast and always on storage for all mission-critical apps, backed by a 100% Availability Guarantee.


The first layer of protection starts with an all-active resilient design center developed to maintain availability while delivering predictable performance at all times. In addition, the intelligent and advanced software protects against silent data corruption providing end-to-end data integrity. HPE Primera facilitates business continuity with automatic site failover, as well as modernizes and extends data protection to the cloud.

Unlike traditional storage that stops here, HPE Primera also uses artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML), powered by HPE InfoSight, to predict and prevent disruptions across storage, servers, and virtual machines.



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