Designing our House to Work and Learn from Home

Laptop, notepad and cellphone on work desk

A friend recently asked me: "Why should i update my home network to Wi-Fi 6?"

Why not? - I thought.

As any current family, we have dozens of devices at home that are connected wirelessly: smartphones, tablets, laptops, security cameras, TVs, dishwashers, washers/dryers, gaming consoles and printers. The number of devices won't get reduced in the upcoming days. This decade will be hugely known by the disruption of IoT devices with Wi-Fi 6 chipset into our homes.

Nowadays, our homes are not just a place for resting and spending quality time with our families, but they are also our offices and our children's classrooms. We all spend countless hours online on video conference calls, lessons, we are all sharing the same network resources and competing for them.

Once we meet the coverage requirements, our main focus should be to guarantee capacity, availability, security, simplicity, interoperability and experience. Wi-Fi CERTIFIED 6 ™ Access Points are what we need to make of our homes the digital space that our time demands, as well as following the best installation and configuration practices.

Aruba Instant On

Finally, we need to choose a product. Even when the market is saturated and it sounds difficult, it doesn't have to be. We just have to select one or the market-leading brand for mobility and verify the Wi-Fi CERTIFIED 6 ™ devices availability for the specific scenario: indoor, outdoor, industrial, corporate or residential (


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  1. Andres on September 24, 2020 at 6:20 pm

    The future is here. I imagine Wifi 6 is a must in order to avoid lag.

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