HPE Sales Certifications for 2021


Get trained to provide insights to your customer. You'll increase your win rates by 23%.*

The new training delivery format is great!

The new FY21 HPE Sales certifications help you identify opportunities from the edge to the cloud. Learn and get certified in an innovative, engaging, mobile-friendly experience.


95% of B2B buyers wish sellers would provide more insights about their company and needs**. Use the new Industry Business Value Framework to do so.

This year, the sales certifications for HPE will not be through Pearson Vue.  The new FY21 HPE sales certifications are now available on HPE Sales Pro in a more user-friendly, mobile-responsive format.

What's new?

For 2021, the sales certifications are Entry Level Solutions and Edge-to-Cloud.  Business partners only need one of the two to gain Busines Partner Membership.  Both require that you take the Business Partner Training.


Entry Level Solutions [2021]

This product-focused certification enables you to identify sales opportunities in small to medium size businesses for HPE compute, storage, hyperconverged, and networking solutions as well as HPE Pointnext Services and HPE Financial Services.
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Edge-to-Cloud Solutions [2021]

This certification helps you identify EaaS opportunities from the edge to the cloud. By learning to engage customers in strategic IT conversations, you will be able to uncover business needs and qualify customers for HPE solutions.
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Business Partner Training Course

HPE Sales Enablement delivers content to expand your expertise and helps you prepare for your next customer opportunity. Browse and filter content, and select what works for you.
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Aruba Sales Training and Certification

For Aruba sales training and certification information, please go to the HPE Certification and Learning website.
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Get you certification during Q1

A certification is proof that you know what you're doing. It provides external validation that you have the skills needed to succeed. There are 3 reason why you need to get certified:

  1. Gain Credibility
  2. Increase marketability
  3. Employer preference

I have heard a motivational phrase that NO PAIN NO GAIN, for this reason we know that certifications are not free.  So the sooner you take the certification, the less pain!.

The earlier you take your certification, the higher the chance to double your sales-out growth, and the bigger the savings. Pricing discounts by quarter include:

  • Q1 exam cost: $60 - more than 66% savings off the regular exam price
  • Q2 exam cost: $120 - more than 33% savings
  • Q3-Q4 exam cost: $180 - regular exam price


Talk to your territory representative to find out if you qualify for a free voucher to take the certifications.

You want to move up quick?

This year, HPE will let your company go from proximity partner to business partner simply by taking the Business Partner Training course.  You don't even need to take the exam.  If your company wants to go from Business to Silver, you will need the exams.



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