Power your data from edge to cloud



We know you’re tired of dealing with the unpleasant surprises that come with data infrastructure—unplanned downtime, forklift upgrades, and ever‑increasing support costs. So, we’ve made it easy for you to switch to a radically simpler storage experience without the headaches—an experience that stays simple even as your business grows and your needs evolve.


HPE Store More Guarantee: Store more data per raw terabyte than the competition—and get more for less with better overall efficiency. We back this up with guaranteed data efficiency for your workloads.


99.9999%+ availability, guaranteed: Application uptime is more important today than ever. Loss of access to data means lost time and money. That’s why HPE Alletra 9000 comes standard with a 100% availability guarantee and HPE Alletra 6000 comes standard with a 6-nines availability guarantee.


Transformed support: Predictive support automation enables HPE Alletra to eliminate level 1 and level 2 support, providing you with direct access to experts and removing time‑consuming and frustrating escalations.


Predictable support pricing: Get flat support pricing for the life of your HPE Alletra. Because you lock down this pricing up front, you’re able to get the most out of your data infrastructure—worry free.


No forklifts: Break free from disruptive platform rip-and-replace cycles. Your HPE Alletra systems easily grow with your business. The value of your data infrastructure is protected by eliminating complex, lengthy, and disruptive data migrations.


HPE Alletra comes in two product lines—delivering agility and simplicity for every application from edge to cloud.



- All-active & multinode
Massive parallelization

- 100% availability
Guaranteed as standard benefit

- Best performance density
Certified for 96 SAP HANA nodes in 4U

- Active/active cluster
Most advanced DR/BC


Mission-critical applications

HPE Alletra 9000 is ideal for your mission-critical workloads with extreme latency sensitivity and availability requirements. A unique, multinode, all-active platform delivers massive parallelization for consistent and predictable performance at scale. Consolidate traditional and next-generation mission-critical applications with ultra-low latency and a 100% availability guarantee. With all-NVMe, HPE Alletra 9000 delivers best-in-class performance density with over 2 million IOPS12 and certified for up to 96 SAP HANA nodes in just 4U.


HPE Alletra facilitates business continuity with automatic site failover across active sites and modernizes and extends data protection to the cloud.



- Ultra-efficient
For data efficiency
And performance

- 6-nines availability
Guaranteed as standard benefit

- Always-on data services
No tuning, knobs, or trade-offs

- Flexible scaling
Nondisruptive, multidimensional
Extends to the cloud


Business-critical applications

HPE Alletra 6000 is ideal for your business-critical workloads with strict SLAs for availability and performance. It’s built on an ultra-efficient architecture designed to deliver fast, consistent performance with industry-leading data efficiency. There are no knobs or configurations to adjust, and always-on data services and app‑aware intelligence help eliminate performance and efficiency trade-offs. Get resilient storage for your organization with 6-nines availability guaranteed. Deliver on your recovery SLAs with fast, simple, app‑aware backup and recovery—on-premises and in the cloud.

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