Tips for the 2021 HPE Discover

I’ve already registered for the HPE DISCOVER 2021, now what?

Year after year Hewlett Packard Enterprises gives us the so anticipated HPE DISCOVER Event.  I loved it when it was an in-person event in Las Vegas, London or Spain. Then 2020 came and disrupted the way we did things. I am not going to even bother explaining how things changed. We all now by this point that online event is what we can count on today. And the HPE Discover 2021 will indeed be just as good if not better than last year.

On June 22 -24 we will experience once again the best HPE Tech event and its ONLINE, no travel cost, no vaccine requirements or hospitality costs - so there is no excuse not to attend. HPE is expecting up to 30K + individuals to join this year and it’s going to be 3 days full of sessions and demos.

The Edge to Cloud Conference its packed with so many Companies and speakers such as: HPE CEO Antonio Neri, Mary T Barra General Motors CEO, Jonathan Fievez Carnegie Clean Energy CEO, Kathy Van Landingham, LyibdekBassel CIO and so many More. Premier partners such as Intel, Veeam and so many more that it will be unthinkable not to join. The Best Thing - FREE of charge.

What is the First thing to do?

The first thing to do if you are a HPE Partner is to register through your favorite Distributor or any other HPE source that will enable you to register thru a QR Code or a simple URL link. Don’t wait till the end, time is running out to sign up for some breakout sessions and demos.

How do I prepare my Agenda?

This is the cherry on top of the cake. Once you register you must build you agenda according to your market; there are 330 Sessions from where you must choose. But to make it easy to choose the sessions, they are divided in 4 Area of interest:

Keynotes and Special Sessions

Spotlights and Meetups

Breakout Sessions and Regional Meetups

Training, Workshops and Labs

Once you select the Area of interest according to you profile your session will be sorted out into 8 sub items:

  1. Keynotes and Special Sessions (32 records)
  2. AI, ML and Data Analytics (41 records)
  3. Compute and Infrastructure (74 records)
  4. HPC/MCS (16 records)
  5. Hybrid Cloud (78 records)
  6. Intelligent Edge & Connectivity (40 records)
  7. Intelligent Storage & Data Services (39 records)
  8. IT Financing & Asset Management (10 records)

You must scroll horizontally to see all the Records and you must select the record by hitting the items and will set on your agenda.  Remember that there will be thousands of people also registering to various sessions, so I recommend not to hesitate to register on the sessions as soon as possible.

On the HPE Discover 2021 main page you will have a Playlist landing page where you will see all of the Sessions you have register into, a calendar link is provided where you can download the agenda to your Outlook calendar, BUT I highly recommend that you change the time zone that is on you play list so it will be on your actual Time Zone.


You are all SET. Remember to also Register for Demos. 

Just to give you a hint on what’s available;  HPE is giving us 178 Demo options. One demo that I look forward to see is the self-paced Virtual Executive Briefing Center experience will give you a front-row seat to the possibilities of your digital transformation. Virtually tour the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium, the world's most technologically advanced stadium. Interact with 3D products in the Demo Playground. Visit all of our digital game-changing solutions.

There are a lot of options, I know.  Here is a tip I can offer you: take a good look at the colors, the demos are divided in:

  4. ON DEMAND DEMOS (Green)
  5. LIVE DEMOS (light purple)

Will there be any entertainment like in the past?

Well, we wish this could be possible, I personally wanted to see Gwen Stefany on the 2020 Discover but it was not possible. This year we will have Sports icons like Lewis Hamilton and other celebrities.  True legends also use their platforms to elevate social justice imperatives. From entrepreneurship, to mentorship, to diversity research, they strive to promote inclusion and equal opportunity for all. Learn how they make an impact and how citizens and business can be change agents, too.

Women are blazing paths and establishing leadership positions across industries, from tech to sports. In this session, ROKi TVenturi Racing Team Principal Susie Wolff, National Basketball Players Association Executive Director Michele Roberts, and pro football official Sarah Thomas discuss their journeys and share leadership strategies.

So many things to do in so little time.

Visit the HPE Executive Business Center LIVE! Spend some time with subject matter experts in the live interactive demos. Attend instructor-led hands¬ on labs, Hack Shack Workshops and more. Gain exclusive access to technology and experts so you can make better recommendations to your leadership team and improve your productivity and future career.

Don’t Miss it!

Join us as your distributor of Choice and you will constantly receive information on how we will guide you through the Certification path. Get in touch with our Territory Manager close to you. And if you are not registered to the Discover this is the time to do so.

We are eager to see you at the HPE Discover 2021


  1. panchoceledon on June 11, 2021 at 9:17 am

    I am looking forward to some of the roundtables and work together with some of the best in the industry. See you there!

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