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Advances in artificial intelligence (AI) are pushing the boundaries of what’s possible not sometime in the future. It’s happening now. Still, many businesses wonder how AI can help them.

Delivering AI solutions based on tested, pre-designed, deployed
HPE hardware; software and partner ecosystems; and HPE Pointnext Services.

Early AI adopters are seeing the impact of the technology. According to a 451 survey, 43% said AI technology has improved customer experiences, and 37% cited competitive advantage as a benefit.


of the organizations have deployed an AI initiative, have one in a proofof- concept stage, or plan to within the next year.

Let’s take a look at what’s possible.


Digital prescriptive maintenance and quality control



Integrate IT and OT data to help prescript when
maintenance should be performed. Improve quality
and processes—specifically for asset maintenance,
defect identification, parts traceability, and robotics
analysis. Improve efficiency and quality in production,
manufacturing, retail processes.

Decrease cost of asset maintenance

Detect production defects faster

Improve quality tracing the parts

Ideal for: Manufacturing, energy and utilities,
aerospace, defense, transportation, logistics, and retail

Use AI to reduce downtime/costs

Up to 30%

Up to 75%
in system


Video analytics and surveillance


Automatically analyze video—facial recognition, queue monitoring,
and unattended items—to detect events, uncover identity,
monitor environments, and obtain operational insights for safety
and quality assurance.

Decrease human error (real-time video analytics)

Shorten wait times (queue monitoring)

Increase building or facility security—and safety

Ideal for: Airports, schools, governments/smart cities,
manufacturing, and retail

Use AI to reduce costs


Up to 28% cost savings.


Speech and language processing



Automate the understanding of spoken and written language by
applying natural language processing—communications surveillance, speech-to-text analytics, biometric search, live call monitoring, and
hyperphonic search.

Automate fraud detection, improve compliance

Improve customer service efficiency

Speed up emergency response and law enforcement readiness

Ideal for: Financial services, healthcare, government, sports/
entertainment, and publishing

Use AI for better monitoring


55% more scenarios detected
in conversations.


Highly autonomous driving

A car manufacturer may be able to operate the car as a robotaxi
and potentially generate 10 times the sale price of a vehicle
over the life of the vehicle.

Implementation of level 3 and level 4 autonomous driving includes
simulations and testing, in-vehicle analytics, and road
and car condition prediction.

Accelerate development of next-generation
autonomous driving systems

Improve quality by analyzing data from a network of
test vehicles and software development centers

Shorten testing and validation time for new software

Ideal for: Transportation and automotive


Road traffic crashes rank
ninth in the leading
causes of death.

Unlock AI with HPE

AI is complex. Instead of building one-off pilots that don’t move to production, we work closely with your teams to explore, experiment, and evolve your solution for your specific use cases.

Ensure your deployment is a success with HPE’s three-step approach to AI.

Get started with the HPE AI Workshop and/or pilot your use case. All AI initiatives combine HPE hardware, partner and HPE software, and HPE Pointnext services.

We’re with you every step of the way, providing specific reference architectures, blueprints, demos, best practices, and recommendations.

6 reasons to choose HPE for AI


Expertise based on
hundreds of AI and data
platform engagements


Integration of partner
ecosystem for each
AI solution


Innovative, comprehensive,
high-performance compute
and exascale supercomputing


Manageability with
container and
MLOps software


Intelligent data
management across
data pipeline


Economics and cloud-like
experience from edge to
core, and as a service

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