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The ideal VDI solution is not just about the number of users, but the types of users and the workloads they run. Generally speaking, there are three types of VDI users.

Task workers

• Client-server and browser-based workloads

• High-capacity mixed workloads

• Specialized functions for office and task knowledge workers

Knowledge workers

• Specialized functions such as office automation, customer service, and task worker with client-server applications

• Collaborative groups, electronic health records (EHR), client-server and browser-based apps, and sales automation

• Enterprise-wide: Office automation with unified communications and browser apps, large-scale EHR, and back-office apps

Power users

• Graphics-intensive workloads: CAD, engineering, design, software developers, media, and entertainment


As the workplace environment evolves, organizations are evaluating their remote work strategies, many with a specific focus on desktop virtualization. Desktop virtualization separates the personal computing desktop environment from a physical machine, using the client-server model of computing. Through deployment, organizations benefit from cost savings, simplified management, enhanced security, and increased productivity.

Virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) is the largest segment of the desktop virtualization environment, with a plethora of solution options to address any workload requirement. As you develop your VDI strategy, or re-evaluate or expand existing deployments, HPE is here to help with expertise and experience, technology and partnerships, and as-a-service (aaS) delivery and cloud economics to help you enable your workplace of the future.


HPE is an open-systems company, offering
a broad portfolio of secure VDI infrastructure solutions to match your specific use case, workload, scope, and deployment models. Designed for Citrix and VMware® environments, the portfolio supports a wide spectrum of architectures to align with your specific workload requirements.

HPE’s portfolio includes a choice of traditional rack servers, hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) solutions, composable solutions, and even support for bare-metal VDI.


VDI platforms for every purpose

For the small to midsize business (SMB) that prefers a simplified all-in-one HCI experience, HPE offers HCI and disaggregated HCI solutions that let you start small, scale incrementally, and expand as your needs change. These platforms are ideal for use cases that involve persistent users.

For a more traditional approach to VDI,
HPE provides rack-based form factors backed by centralized storage, which typically traverse small, medium, and large enterprises. Many medium and large organizations opt for a composable solution.

For specific use cases where resource contention is a concern, HPE provides a hosted desktop infrastructure (HDI) solution providing a physical one-to-one resource to users for specific use cases requiring high levels of system responsiveness.

For graphics-intensive workloads on both virtual desktops and virtual workstations, there are platform options that include NVIDIA® vGPU technology that address a wide range of VDI needs with superior security, performance, and manageability.


Building the right size VDI solution for your organization requires in-depth planning and a mapped out strategy. As a recognized leader in service delivery, HPE Pointnext Services can help you architect your VDI deployment leveraging:

• Advisory services to assist with rationalization of applications, workloads, and images to determine readiness

• Professional services—including solution design, migration planning, and solution deployment services—to streamline your VDI deployment

• Operational services to simplify and optimize your IT operations and free up staff to focus more on innovation

• Global consulting, financial, educational, and other services, including emergency remote working solutions with HPE VDI on the cloud with 24x7 support



The benefits of VDI in enterprise workplace productivity strategies are well known. The challenge is that the traditional implementation cycle is based on up-front expense.

Organizations must design an environment to service a peak capacity, procure all the hardware and software upfront, and build and integrate it to operate the entire complex stack.

Every five to seven years, this repeats as the environment requires a refresh to manage the ongoing costs related to hardware obsolescence, software end of life, operational efficiency, and the ever-increasing need to meet growing user experience expectations. The result is high up-front costs, much delayed time to value, and remaining locked into that cycle.

HPE GreenLake brings the simplicity of the cloud experience to VDI. The ability to scale capacity—and costs—is a key benefit of cloud. But most pure-cloud VDI implementations cannot meet the necessary standards of security, compliance, and especially performance.

HPE GreenLake VDI brings cloud-like economics and agility together with the performance, compliance, and control you expect from your on-premises IT. And because it is managed for you and billed per use monthly, you can focus your IT teams on other critical aspects of keeping your business running.


HPE Financial Services (HPEFS) brings together expertise in technology and finance to enhance the solutions we offer to our customers and partners across the globe.

In April 2020, HPE and HPEFS designated more than $2 billion in financing specifically to help these customers overcome their financial challenges.

A payment relief program was also put in place to help customers acquire new technology and alleviate some of the financial strain as they navigate this uncertain climate.

Wherever you are at, HPEFS has flexible investment solutions and consumption models to support your business transformation.

Whether you are looking to accelerate your business innovation goals or improve agility to respond quickly to changes in IT capacity, HPEFS supports continuous improvement to make it easier and faster for your IT workers to succeed.


Look to HPE to be your trusted partner to help you architect your agile workplace with industry-leading VDI technology and partnerships, backed by experience, expertise, and aaS delivery to enable your remote workforce.








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