Build your business with consumption-based offerings


The past year has demonstrated the value of agile IT infrastructures that can rapidly respond to changes in workloads and business requirements. As a result, there will be no going back to old ways of managing IT infrastructure, but instead an accelerated shift towards cloud and pay‑per‑use computing models.

For cloud, telecom and managed service providers, the upshot is that there is a growing opportunity to work closely with end customers to accelerate their
digital transformations. The revenue opportunity is significant: IDC anticipates that 41% of the $6.8 trillion in IT spending it expects to see through to 2023 will be tied to cloud computing.

Half of data infrastructure to be consumed via the cloud by 2024

Furthermore, IDC forecasts that over 75% of infrastructure in edge locations will be consumed and operated as‑a‑service by 2024, as will more than half of data center infrastructure. Yet, skill and resource shortages can hamper service provider opportunities, as spending on consumption-based IT solutions surges.

As with your own customers, your business can face: limited IT budgets, IT skills shortages, legacy infrastructure, and growing compliance and governance burdens. You can resolve these challenges in the same way as other organizations: by handing over day-to-day infrastructure operation and maintenance to someone who can do it more efficiently and cost-effectively.

That’s where HPE GreenLake, as an everything-as-a-service platform, can give you a vital edge. Bring the cloud experience directly to your apps and data wherever they are—the edge, colocations, or your data center with HPE GreenLake. With a pay-per-use, scalable, point-and-click self-service experience that is managed for you, HPE GreenLake delivers services for your top workloads. There are no data movement or egress charges, with benefits spanning faster time to market, conservation of capital, optimization of existing investments, and much more. You can run your business on HPE GreenLake.



Not too much, not too little

In a world where few organizations have the internal skills or resources they need to carry out strategic technology transformations on their own, 451 Research foresees “continued growth for service providers offering credible alternatives to the hyperscale cloud platforms”, in addition to high demand for managed services.

To capitalize on this opportunity, service providers need to address their provisioning dilemma. Like other organizations, service providers need to avoid overprovisioning IT infrastructure, because money spent on unused resources is money wasted. Overprovisioning also has a negative environmental impact. On the other hand, service providers are in the business of providing services to multiple customers with unpredictable IT needs, and so they need to have spare capacity available to deal with demand spikes at short notice. Under‑provisioning could lead to a loss of business or failure to meet customer needs.

Running a profitable business, then, depends on flexible and cost-effective access to the right level of provisioning for whatever the current need might be.

HPE GreenLake’s consumption‑based model cuts through the conundrum. You pay for what you use, when you use it—but there is buffer capacity available that can be turned on quickly to meet your needs. Any capacity used above the reserve is paid for when you use it—costs go up or down with usage. This also gives your customers tremendous elasticity in their operational models, and ability to react quickly to changing market demands.

HPE GreenLake’s consumption‑based model cuts through the conundrum.

You pay for what you use, when you use it


HPE GreenLake’s consumption‑based model starts delivering financial advantages almost immediately. Extra capacity is available and any capacity used above the reserve is paid for when you use it—costs go up or down with usage. In addition, preferential pricing kicks in as the level of consumption increases—a more versatile model from that of most hyperscale cloud providers, which typically scale pricing with consumption.


Delivering agile backup as a service

LAKE Solutions, a cloud service provider based in Switzerland, needed a data storage solution for its cloud‑delivered, backup‑as‑a‑service offering. As an HPE Platinum Partner, LAKE looked to HPE to provide a highly reliable, secure and scalable backup solution, delivered via HPE GreenLake to accommodate unpredictable customer demands with the agility and economics of the cloud.

For LAKE, flexibility means being able to handle the constant challenge of uncertainty about how much backup capacity customers will require over time. The solution addresses this challenge head on, while allowing LAKE to manage costs so it stays both competitive and profitable. HPE GreenLake enables LAKE to flex capacity up or down, and pay for the actual capacity used.



Focus on business outcomes, not on‑premises infrastructure maintenance

HPE GreenLake brings the cloud experience to wherever apps and data live. Instead of making large capital investments in hardware that you need to maintain at high cost, you can buy compute, storage and networking power as you need it, on a pay‑per‑use basis. You can easily ramp resources up and down, in response to your internal needs and your end customers’ requirements.

HPE GreenLake brings a cloud‑like experience to your environment, by providing a full as‑a‑service portfolio that drives flexibility and speed to market and spans all your IT needs. It enables you to rapidly deploy a broad portfolio of cloud services including containerization, storage, compute, virtual machines, data protection, machine learning operations, and more—with no upfront cost.

Four reasons to choose HPE GreenLake

Pay per use

Free up capital and boost financial flexibility.


Scale up and down

Ramp usage either up or down with no penalties.


Simplify IT

Centralize operations and insights across your hybrid IT estate from a single self‑service platform.


Automate routine management

Monitor and manage your on‑premises cloud and public clouds more easily with the support of HPE’s technical experts.

HPE GreenLake delivers as‑a‑service cloud economics on‑premises, offering a pay‑per‑use model with no capital needed up front, and no overprovisioning of infrastructure. It delivers full transparency and control over costs—in turn enabling service providers to optimize the right mix of public, private and on‑premises workloads for your needs and those of your customers.

Built-in services take care of routine support and remedial work, while optional HPE GreenLake Management Services add remote monitoring, operating, updating and management capabilities. HPE GreenLake Central is the one‑stop place to go for usage and cost information across your hybrid estate.

Service providers that want to run multi‑tenant environment can collaborate with a HPE approved ecosystem partner.


Scalable IT provisioning for fast‑paced business

With HPE GreenLake, fast‑paced service providers get access to IT that is as flexible as they are. Shifting towards pay‑per‑use infrastructure brings with it a range of technical and financial benefits, positioning your business to compete more effectively in the cloud, as‑a‑service and managed service sectors.


Here are three ways HPE GreenLake can transform your business:

Become faster

• Speed to provision: With HPE GreenLake, provisioning new services or adding extra computing power is as easy as turning it on, by using the self-service capabilities in HPE GreenLake Central for automated deployment. Ongoing joint capacity management ensures that additional capacity can be brought in as needed, ahead of demand.

• Speed to market: There is no time wasted waiting for resources. You can deploy new services and offerings for your customers much faster.

• Speed to payback: Lower costs and higher productivity accelerate the time to payback for your investment.


Improve agility

• Flexible costs: The pay‑per‑use model enables you to better synchronize costs with revenues. The efficiency translates into lower cost of ownership.

• Flexible provisioning: The danger of over- or underprovisioning becomes a problem of the past.

• Flexible operations: You have access to infrastructure that evolves with the changing needs of your business, its customers and by using the latest technology solutions.

Gain freedom

• Freedom from unexpected costs: Transparent pricing brings more predictability to the costs of providing services, enabling you to build customer pricing models with confidence.

• Freedom from unplanned downtime: Powerful automation and management tools, combined with expert technical resources, translates into less downtime.

• Freedom to grow: Create or optimize your cloud platform, with the option to link to hyperscale services when needed to support a hybrid environment. You can test, experiment and pay as you grow.

• Freedom from the upgrade cycle: With HPE GreenLake, technology refreshes are built in. This means better quality of service for your customers and a powerful platform for building your service offerings.





Flexing server and storage capacity in line with changing customer demands

Sopra Steria relies on HPE GreenLake to deliver hosted IT services to a diverse range of customers using a flexible, pay‑per‑use model. This provides Sopra Steria with the ability to quickly, seamlessly scale capacity as individual customer demands grow without the expense of buying additional hardware.

The efficiency and flexibility Sopra Steria gains from HPE GreenLake and HPE Synergy are significant, eliminating capex spending as well as reducing operational and personnel costs by 15%–30% depending on the service. The greatest advantage is improved business agility and the ability to scale on demand. With less time spent maintaining systems and provisioning capacity, the IT team at Sopra Steria has more time to focus on higher‑level business projects.


Differentiating in a competitive market

As a service provider, you generate revenues when your end customers know that you can run their IT services and infrastructure more efficiently and more cost‑effectively than they can themselves. In today’s competitive world, it’s also important to demonstrate that you can deliver services that are as scalable, flexible and price‑competitive as the cloud offerings from the hyperscale cloud providers.

By migrating to consumption‑based IT with HPE GreenLake, you can improve your customer experience and gain a valuable competitive edge. The platform enables you to rapidly develop value‑added services and solutions that match your clients’ evolving needs and demonstrate innovation. Importantly, it enables you to do so at a price your end customers can accept.

Four ways HPE GreenLake helps you differentiate your as‑a‑service and cloud offerings


No hidden costs

HPE GreenLake is the only model where the pricing gets better as you consume more resources. You can pass on the savings to your clients or make more margin as your business grows.

No exit costs

With HPE GreenLake there are no exit costs for moving your data—and scaling down is as easy as scaling up.

Better customer experience

You can offer a more customized and personal experience to clients with complex environments than hyperscale competitors.

Enhanced compliance

With HPE GreenLake, you can offer the advantages of public cloud, in conjunction with your own high attention to national or industry-specific data sovereignty guidelines.



New Zealand service provider
builds a larger and more
competitive business

When CCL merged with Revera Cloud Services, it became one of New Zealand’s largest IT management and cloud services providers. It wanted to build a next‑generation compute platform for the merged organization. To better manage its compute resources, CCL procured HPE Synergy via HPE GreenLake.

“One benefit of HPE GreenLake is that we get installation service,” says Evan Greenwood, head of the infrastructure‑as‑a‑service (IaaS) simplification project at CCL. “Normally, we pay for a server and that’s it—you get the server in a box and good luck with installing it. With HPE GreenLake, we get installation service and better support than we’d normally get for basically the same amount of money.”

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