New HPE GreenLake cloud services for data protection tackle cyberthreats & ransomware


  • Disaster recovery service with Zerto and backup with HPE Backup and Recovery Service give customers the flexibility to modernize data protection 
  • HPE is expanding the cloud operational experience with data-driven intelligence to give customers end-to-end visibility across the IT stack 

New disaster recovery and backup cloud services help customers secure their data from edge to cloud

The last 18 months have been challenging for everyone – a period of rapid digital transformation accelerated by a global pandemic and compromised by opportunistic threat actors. At the same time, as dangerous viruses plagued the real world, criminals launched digital attacks on organizations ranging from healthcare systems to fuel pipelines, leveraging insecure data to ransom companies, and in some cases, significant pieces of critical infrastructure.

Despite the severe consequences of potential data loss, IT organizations are spread too thin to meet their data protection needs with outdated technology. As per a recent customer survey from IDC, in the last three years, 50% of organizations have suffered an unrecoverable data loss. Cyberattacks surged more than 288% last year between February 2020 and April 2020 during the pandemic with ransomware being the most challenging area of data protection. The latest forecast for ransomware damage costs estimates $20 billion in 2021, with a new attack every 11 seconds. IT needs to modernize data protection to protect their apps and data, meet ever-shrinking RTOs and RPOs, and simplify management and operations.

Introducing the next generation of data protection services 

As part of the transformation of HPE Storage into a cloud-native data services business, today we are entering the rapidly growing Data Protection-as-a-Service market1 with HPE GreenLake for data protection. It offers the next generation of data protection cloud services: disaster recovery service with Zerto and backup with HPE Backup and Recovery Service. These new services give customers the flexibility to modernize data protection – from rapid recovery to ransomware protection to long-term data retention – either on-premises or in the public cloud with operational simplicity, meeting every SLA at the right cost. Today’s news is part of a significant set of new cloud services for the HPE GreenLake edge-to-cloud platform, announced today in a virtual launch event from HPE.

With HPE’s acquisition of Zerto, we add market-leading data protection to our cloud servies portfolio to help enterprises take cyberthreats and ransomware attacks head-on. With Zerto’s Continuous Data Protection (CDP) technology with journal-based recovery, customers can recover in minutes and to a state seconds before an attack. Customers such as TenCate, a large, multinational textiles company, recovered from a crypto locker attack in less than 10 minutes and to a state 10 seconds before the attack. The CIO at Smartbank told us that they were able to go back and recover quickly to a state before the ransomware event had happened. And a large insurance company was able to stop an attack within 15 minutes and saved them from paying a ransom. These are some great examples of how Zerto has saved the day for customers. Watch theCube video to learn more about Zerto.

In addition, HPE GreenLake for data protection now includes HPE Backup and Recovery Service for VMware.  It is backup as a service designed for hybrid cloud. Delivered through a SaaS console and policy-based orchestration and automation, customers can protect their Virtual Machines with three simple steps in less than 5 minutes and manage their backups effortlessly across on-prem and hybrid cloud. There are no media servers, appliances, or targets to manage. Customers can recover instantly on-prem, retain cost-effective long-term backups in the public cloud, and enjoy the security of backups that are protected against ransomware attacks. Organizations can lower the cost of protecting data with consumption-based pricing and ultra-efficient data reduction technologies. Read more about HPE Backup and Recovery Service.

With HPE GreenLake for data protection, now customers can secure their data against ransomware, recover from any disruption, and protect their VM workloads effortlessly across on-prem and hybrid cloud environments. While these are game-changing outcomes for customers, I’m equally as excited about the future of making data protection as simple as configuring Recovery Point Objectives (RPO) and Recovery Time Objectives (RTO). At the same time, the right blend of disaster recovery, backups, and archive are auto-configured and auto-managed for protecting data and applications across on-prem, hybrid cloud, and multi-cloud environments.

Delivering the cloud operational experience with data-driven intelligence

With HPE GreenLake, customers enjoy a cloud operational experience for data that helps them go faster, offload IT, and lower costs. In addition to introducing the next-generation of data protection services, we’re continuing to simplify operations. Today, we are expanding the cloud operational experience with data-driven intelligence from HPE InfoSight and HPE CloudPhysics. As the industry’s leading AIOps for infrastructure2, InfoSight has pioneered a decade of innovations to make infrastructure invisible and shift operations to app-centric. Now, with new HPE InfoSight App Insights, customers gain end-to-end visibility across the IT stack, including up to the app layer. This empowers customers to keep application workloads optimized, run disruption-free, and continue to enjoy a transformed operational and support experience. HPE CloudPhysics, a SaaS service for more intelligent IT decisions across edge-to-cloud, expands data-driven insights to IT procurement. With 200 trillion data samples across 3 million virtual machines and more than 4,500 assessments, HPE CloudPhysics delivers a proven solution to help customers simulate a cloud migration, optimize workload placement and right-size infrastructure. HPE Partners gain insights into the customers’ environment, enabling them to deliver tailored solutions and be strategic partners to their customers. With HPE CloudPhysics, customers and partners gain a data-driven approach to onboard onto HPE GreenLake.

This comprehensive set of HPE GreenLake cloud services will enable businesses to modernize their data protection and act on insights from edge to cloud -- and ultimately help them save costs, reduce downtime, and go faster. I’m excited to partner with our customers in their digital transformations and look forward to growing the HPE GreenLake cloud services portfolio with proven and thoughtful solutions that make an impact. For more information on HPE Storage, visit:


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