HPE Workloads Tool is available now

HPE launched their HPE Workloads tool available to all business partners. Once again we see how HPE is investing on resources that make channel partners more self sufficient and more experienced in the sales process.

The tool is beautifully designed to be fully web based and easy to navigate and understand.  You simply follow a step by step interview process to feed the tool with the basic information required to determine the best solution for your customer - based on their needs.

Just like the human body needs to warm up before exercise, the tool has a warm-up stage that allows you to become familiarized with the solution.  Once warmed up, you are ready to run at full speed.

HPE Workloads gives you all the marketing and demand generation documents and information to present directly to the end-user. It is full of resources, neatly organized for your consumption and sharing.

Currently, HPE Workloads has the following modules available:


Data Manager

End User Computing

Data Protection

How to find the tool:

  1. Navigate over to HPE Marketing Hub
  2. You might have to create a new account if you haven't done already done so.
  3. Click on the "Marketing to Go" Link
  4. Click on the HPE Workloads Link

I highly recommend visiting the HPE Marketing HUB.  The tool is worth your time investment since the resources are well designed, well thought out and offer a huge amount of value.  While you are there, i highly recommend visiting all the other great modules that are available.  If this article was useful, please let me know with a comment below.


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