Greenlake Management Services (GMS)

Hewlett Packard Enterprise set a target  to have their entire portfolio -as-a-service by 2022.  As this continues to move forward for geographies such as the USA and Europe, Caribbean and Central America have yet to benefit from these financial models for hardware pay per use, better known as consumption model. Rest assured that Westham is working hard to bring a pure Greenlake hardware consumption model to you, but for now we are only able to provide a similar model (“Blue Lake”) via financial institutions for very select channels, on a project-to-project basis.

Deliver more value to your customer

Even though the IT Consumption model is not available in RLA yet,  our region can benefit from HPE Greenlake Management Services even if you or your customer does not have a Greenlake consumption contract in place. Let's explore further and i will refer to Greenlake Management Services as GMS from here on.

Allow me to give you some background.  The global managed services market is expected to go from US $223B in 2020 to just over $329B US by 2025 (PR Newswire). Now is the time for your organization to take advantage of this opportunity.  The market is primed and ready for GMS.

HPE GMS is a suite of services that helps your customers manage operate and optimize their IT environments.  Services can be tailored, from operating an entire datacenter to managing specific environments within it.  I will go more in depth shortly as to what exactly GMS is and how you can offer it to your customers in a way that it compliments and expands your current services offering.

What is Greenlake Management Services?

In a nutshell, GMS is the combination of the best parts of IT Out-tasking and Outsourcing.

IT out-tasking allows businesses to pass specific IT operations to another organization. The company providing the out-tasking, has specific expertise, with tool and best practices, and performing operations duties only.  They have no end-to-end responsibility, and the customer has control over their environment.  No people or assets to transfer.

Outsourcing transfers the management and execution of the entire IT function to an external provider. In this case the company providing the services has end-to-end responsibility.  From the strategy to the operations.  The business outcomes are guaranteed.

GMS can provide many levels of services.

  • You or your customer maintains control of the strategy.
  • Take advantage of the platform, people and processes of HPE's centers of operation.
  • Take advantage of letting HPE take care of routine IT tasks such as: Monitoring, Operations, IT and app administration.
  • Take advantage of recommendations and optimization provided for you.

WHY HPE Greenlake Management Service?

The power of HPE GMS is experienced through a combination of people, process and platform.  And all delivered in as-a-service model, so you only pay for what your customer needs and uses.

Close to half of all enterprises need cloud expertise in AWS, Google and Azure. The majority of them seek experience from the ir service providers.  GMS cloud expertise and automation can be used to address your customers' skill gaps.

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HPE has thousands of experts accross the globe available to act as extensions of your team.  Their deep knowledge and expertise span the entire stack.  

You can drive fatser business results with their expertise and premium support.



With hollistic monitoring, remediation and insights, GMS simplifies complex, disparate IT environments with integrated state of the art tools, expertise and artificial intelligence.

Increase business agility with AI-driven insights that span core to cloud to edge.



The GMS platform focuses on security and compliance management. Therefore reducing risk and ensures compliance by proactively monitoring, correlating, and remediating threats. 

GMS provides the answer to the following scenarios.


"I have routine IT tasks that are mission critical but i need to free up my IT team to be more aligned to the business outcomes we need."

Computer hacker in a dark room

"I don't have the right breadth or depth of skills on my team to run my key applications and workloads appropriately."

Woman with tablet in server room

"Our IT estate is complicated, apanning traditional data center, hybrid cloud, and edge. We need insights, tools and skills to manage our IT estate."


Yes, GMS is currently available in RLA territory, covering the Caribbean and Central America.

If you are interested in additional information, please send us a message.

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