10 Reasons to Buy HPE Primera

Critical mission redefined


Extreme resilience and performance with the agility of the cloud in storage plus world's smartest for applications mission critical.

We know that all organizations, regardless of industry, size or age, have loads of work essential to your business. The Storage Platform for these workloads is the key allowing you to unleash your innovation, stay ahead and, ultimately be more competitive.

But it's virtually impossible for IT to keep up of the demands, both of the critical mission applications new as well as existing ones, because IT looks absorbed by the tasks of supply, solution of infrastructure problems and support.

Sacrificing resilience for agility is no longer acceptable; you need a new generation of storage. Freeing IT to Accelerate What's Next in terms of self-managing storage, anticipates and avoids interruptions, in addition to offering a ultra low latency for all applications.


Why Buying HPE Primera ?

Global Intelligence

Anticipate and avoid outages to help optimize performance in real time

OS Focused on Services

Less risk and amplified management with unique software for high-end storage

Fully Active Architecture

Non-stop availability and low latency for fast performance at scale

Eternal Storage

Unique property experience of timeless value

Radical Simplicity

Time spent on deployment, management and scalability is reduced by up to 93%

Consumption As a Service

IT consumption on your terms, so you can be your own service provider

Composable System

Faster and smarter application development with infrastructure as code

100% Availability Guaranteed

Seamless with application awareness resiliency across all models

Extreme Scalability

Multiple nodes with transparent updates

Hybrid Cloud Mobility

Application-aware data protection extended to the cloud

Global Intelligence

The most advanced AI for infrastructure

In the past decade, HPE InfoSight analyzed more than 1.25 trillion data points, transforming the way storage is managed and supported. Using cloud-based computing learning, it predicts and avoids 86% of problems from storage to applications and automates 85% of support calls.

HPE InfoSight is now embedded in HPE Primera to help optimize performance and automate workload planning in real time, thereby creating a comprehensive AI production line for self-management of storage.


OS Focused on Services

HPE Primera OS brings advanced data serviceswith radical simplicity and enhanced resilience toyour mission critical applications. Unlike themonolithic operating systems (OS) that generate aupgrade risk and require node reboots,HPE Primera is built on a service-centric OS,where all data services can bedeploy, update and reboot independentlyeach. This helps eliminate risk and reboots of thenode for most updates.

With HPE Primera OS, you get an experience of simple consumer grade user, one more access fast to new innovation and an everlasting investment that grows steadily with your business.


Fully Active Architecture

Each volume intelligently accesses all SSDs, nodes, and ports.


- Made for NVMe

Always low latency up to 1.5M IOPS


- Multiple owners at scale

Quality of service for latency security


- No tuning required

All resources are balanced at all times


- Commutation for mistake snapshot

Really active-active that offers high resilience

Eternal Storage

Unique property experience of timeless value


  • Don't pay for resources and software improvements thanks to the software all inclusive
  • Get proportions data reduction guaranteed with the HPE Store Warranty More



  • Say goodbye to the interruption consequence of inactivity time unforeseen, with the support of our Warranty availability of 100%
  • Protection of the investment and savings total cost of ownership (TCO)



  • Update of technology every three years without additional costs.
  • No more elevator updates.
  • Always updated Technology

Radical Simplicity

Gone are the days of an administration complex and tedious storage that slows down your ability to provide services to his clients. We simplify thehigh-level storage management, now that HPE Primera is set up in minutes, automatically tunes and updates on seamless shape without inconvenience.

• Support for applications in 20 minutes.

• Automatic configuration with optimized work streams.

• No need for other tools with integrated management.

• No need for tuning to a always-on data reduction and always enabled, and RAID.

• Extremely simple updates transparent for applications.

• Powered by API for infrastructure as code.

A reduction of up to 93% of the time dedicated to implementation, management and storage at scale.

Consumption As A Service

Consume IT in your environment and on your terms with HPE GreenLake

Don't let your technology slow you down, and don't pay more than necessary. HPE GreenLake gives you elastic scalability and pay-per-use consumption. With HPE GreenLake, HPE Primera grows with your business needs, delivering instant IT gratification with elastic consumption and scalability as a service.


Composable System

Turn infrastructure into code to automate DevOps

HPE Synergy, a combinable infrastructure on blades, together with HPE Primera, it powers any workload within of a hybrid cloud environment, allowing you to compose arrays compute fluids, storage and factory resources physical and virtual in any configuration. Together with HPE OneView, HPE Synergy and HPE Primera automate operations everyday, allow you to deploy at a scale and speed at the same cloud style, and develop apps faster.

100% Availability Guaranteed

Helps ensure there are no outages thanks to application-aware resiliency, guaranteed through HPE Primera models.

HPE Primera uses artificial intelligence and computer learning (AI / ML) to analyze application patterns, as well as anticipate and avoid disruptions across the infrastructure stack. Intelligent and advanced software offers protection against silent damage with an integrity of end-to-end data, facilitating business continuity with automatic failover in place. It also modernizes and extends protecting data to the cloud for your most critical applications. Without interruptions, damages or delays, you gain resilience with recognition of the applications supported by a 100% availability guarantee.


The 100% availability guarantee is a standard benefit for HPE Primera customers with a Proactive Care or higher support contract. Is a No-cost warranty for a contemplated outage.


Extreme Scalability

Multiple nodes with transparent updates

The upgrade is very simple for high-level storage

Smart scalability

Multi-node scale for performance and capacity

Simple upgrade

Investment without waste or upgrades for elevation

Smart updates

Prescriptive for each arrangement and made for the automatic update

Without interruptions

Updates are transparent to your apps and yourself

Hybrid Cloud Mobility

Extend your application-aware data protection to the cloud

HPE Primera offers flash speed, application-built data protection, copy data management, and data mobility, all built into the cloud with a lower cost and less complexity. Allows you to move data across levels of primary and secondary public / private clouds in the form more cost-effective, secure, and seamless, enabling easy cloud-based file or disaster recovery, while still using your On-site infrastructure for fast, reliable operational development and test / recovery.


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