HPE GreenLake for Aruba Networks


Technology investments don’t always produce expected
business outcomes: budget challenges can delay critical
projects, solutions can take too long to fully deploy,
daily operations can overwhelm infrastructure teams. In
addition, the future is very unpredictable. New strategic
initiatives such as the post-pandemic repositioning of
office space may not necessarily align well with traditional
networking deployment cycles, triggering the need for
unexpected network investments and approaches. These
factors heighten the need for flexibility, both financially and
technologically, to keep pace with rapidly changing business



An as-a-service mindset can help organizations accelerate its
procurement, deployment, management, and optimization
of technology resources as their needs evolve. The flexibility
provided by network as a service (NaaS) is well suited to
increase deployment agility, however, many NaaS offerings
force you into a single, restrictive deployment and financial
model. Aruba believes that organizations need NaaS
solutions that provide broad flexibility across financial,
operational and management priorities which can change
over time. We know that most organizations demand to
underpin their connectivity services with a consistent user
and operator experience based on proven technology. We’re
delivering these capabilities to our customers with HPE
GreenLake for Aruba.
HPE GreenLake for Aruba is a comprehensive NaaS offering
that enables you to consume Aruba ESP (Edge Services
Platform) in a cloud-like manner – delivering business
outcomes faster with the ability to mix and match acquisition,
deployment and operational models with a consistent and
proven unified architecture. Leveraging the vast financial
resources of HPE and geographic reach of Aruba’s channel
partner network, your HPE GreenLake for Aruba solution will
be delivered where and how you need it


HPE GreenLake for Aruba NaaS alleviates the burdensome
process of network life cycle planning and budgeting by
combining Aruba’s mature and proven hardware, software,
and services in a single, all-inclusive monthly subscription
with no upfront capital investments required.


Subscription-Based Model. Achieve greater financial
flexibility and predictability with no capital expenditure
surprises through a single monthly payment with
options to flex up/down as needs change

Customer Experience Management. Lower
operational risk and accelerate ROI through a
purpose-built ITSM dashboard and customer success
manager services.

Hardware Refresh, Upcycle & Recycle. Ensure the
right technology is being utilized to meet service levels
while also supporting environmental and sustainability

Intelligent Operations Option. Remove the
management burden from IT staff and optimize
user experiences through proactive 24x7 remote
management and monitoring handled by Aruba

With HPE GreenLake for Aruba NaaS you do not sign a
lease or a financing agreement; instead, you sign up for a
subscription with a specific rate and term. Unlike a lease,
an HPE GreenLake for Aruba NaaS subscription does not
appear as an asset or liability on your company’s balance
sheet. In addition, you have the flexibility to adjust your HPE
GreenLake for Aruba subscription as things change, including
easily adding new devices/locations as needed, leveraging
“flex down” capabilities to more closely align spend with
usage, and refreshing your equipment to keep pace with the
latest and greatest technology.

HPE GreenLake for Aruba NaaS Service Packs
The as-a-service model takes a different approach to
traditional technology deployments in that it’s driven
by outcomes. Therefore, the process of purchasing and
deploying NaaS cannot be bogged down in understanding
every feature or function of the underlying technology.
That’s why Aruba has created standardized HPE GreenLake
for Aruba NaaS offerings designed around a set of common
wired, wireless, and SD-WAN use cases. Each of these
offerings, or “service packs,” comes pre-designed with all
the necessary components to deliver the use case – the
technology, the subscription, and even a standardized
contract that’s quick and easy to execute. Put simply, we’ve
made HPE GreenLake for Aruba NaaS as easy to transact as a
traditional up-front, CAPEX-based purchase, while providing
all the benefits of as-a-service consumption.

In addition to the subscription, HPE GreenLake for Aruba
NaaS includes Customer Experience Management (CEM),
which is an additional service above and beyond support
that delivers the digital insights and solution expertise to
help you continually analyze and assess your environment,
enabling you to optimize the performance and security of the
network, lowering your risk and accelerating your ROI. CEM
ensures a successful NaaS deployment via key functions such
as service onboarding and on-going capacity and availability
management1. The specific CEM deliverables may vary based
on your deployment, but can include the following:

• Lifecycle assessment of HPE GreenLake for Aruba NaaS
through digital access to the Aruba Service Manager
(ASM), a cloud-based, self-service dashboard that provides
relevant, up-to-date information about your network
environment including inventory, product/security
advisories, incidents, etc.
• In addition to the digital experience described above,
some HPE GreenLake for Aruba deployments may include
a customer success manager who helps manage the
lifecycle of the deployment throughout the subscription
term. This provides a single point of contact for all
deployment-related questions, prioritizing support cases,
escalations, as well as regular reporting that includes
recommendations for proactive lifecycle management.


Short on network expertise? Looking to free up your staff
to focus on more strategic projects? In addition to the
subscription and Customer Experience Management, HPE
GreenLake for Aruba NaaS with Intelligent Operations
enables you to also offload your network monitoring,
administration, and operations to Aruba’s 24x7 Network
Operating Center (NOC) with flexible change management
and reporting options. This service mitigates reactive
processes that can negatively affect your network’s
performance. Instead, HPE GreenLake for Aruba with
Intelligent Operations leverages the industry-leading AIOps
capabilities of Aruba to proactively monitor and remediate
issues, avoiding customer impacting events before they
occur and ensuring your Aruba technology is operating
optimally to meet your business needs. HPE GreenLake for
Aruba NaaS with Intelligent Operations also expands what’s
available to you in ASM, including tracking current/resolved


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