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IT services are at the center of many digital transformations. Learn how a flexible consumption model can help your company reach its digital transformation goals.

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Free up IT staff for innovation and drive your business forward
Customer experience has become a defining concept in every aspect of life. HPE Pointnext Tech Care is the next step in innovating the customer experience for IT.
HPE Pointnext Tech Care replaces HPE’s existing product support services, HPE Foundation Care and HPE Proactive Care, and goes beyond problem identification and resolution by helping customers get the most from their HPE technology.
New innovations include fast multi-channel access to product-specific experts, an AI-driven digital experience, and general technical guidance to help customers achieve operational efficiency.

Product-Specific Expertise

Gone are the days of navigating complex escalations. With HPE Pointnext Tech Care, you get fast access to experts who specialize in the specific product you need support on. You can also benefit from HPE-assisted forums for community sharing, best practices and answers to common questions.
And HPE’s library of hundreds of videos and configuration guides developed by HPE engineers will help to enable quick self-resolution of many issues.

General Technical Guidance

With HPE Pointnext Tech Care, you can gain expert technical advice for the operation and management of your products. Our experts augment skills gaps on your teams and can help your staff leverage best practices based on a knowledge base of thousands of other IT organizations.
You have the freedom to engage experts beyond break fix by talking to an expert to brainstorm how to do things better, and by leveraging best practices and approaches to common issues.

AI-Driven Digital Experience

HPE Pointnext Tech Care delivers a data driven and modern customer experience, featuring a powerful AI-based virtual agent, personalized task alerts and self-serve digital case management.

The experience is optimized by the data coming from your HPE products, helping you to take action as quickly as possible. You can also streamline contract and warranty management, receiving faster and more complete visibility of your services and what resources are available to you.

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